4 Benefits of Probiotics

by Jay Bua
4 Benefits of Probiotics
Keeping your body healthy is a balancing act, as it involves ensuring you get enough of the good things and avoid the bad. This is especially true when it comes to bacteria. You want to limit the amount of bad bacteria in your system while keeping the good bacteria, and that’s where probiotics come in! Probiotics are simply supplements and fermented foods—such as yogurt—that have lots of good bacteria. Not surprisingly, there are many health benefits of probiotics. If you’re on the fence about trying probiotics, check out the best reasons to incorporate them on a regular basis. Learn more about fermented foods and gut health: Fermented Foods—What Are They? Plus 11 Recipes

Probiotics Can Benefit the Unborn

Pregnant women should consider taking probiotics to boost the health of their unborn children. Some studies show that babies whose mothers took probiotics during pregnancy are less likely to have allergies once they are born. Similarly, the use of probiotics during pregnancy may be linked to a lower chance of eczema in children. Clearly, the benefits of probiotics extend to even the youngest members of the population, not just adults. To read more about the connection between probiotics during pregnancy and the chance of allergies, check out: Fish oil and probiotic supplements for pregnant mothers may decrease children's risk of getting allergies, study says

Probiotics Can Reduce Stomach Issues

One of the main reasons people choose to take probiotics is to relieve some common stomach problems, as they can improve gut health overall. Basically, probiotics can keep bad bacteria at bay, which in turn reduces the chance of developing diarrhea. Furthermore, probiotics can relieve the symptoms of certain digestive issues. For example, taking probiotics for gut health can reduce some irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, such as gas and bloating. And if you have ulcerative colitis, probiotics may alleviate your symptoms.

You Can Improve Immunity with Probiotics

Some benefits of probiotics involve your immune system, helping keep you healthy overall. This is because your gut health affects your immunity, so when you improve one, you improve the other as well. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that probiotics might even reduce your chances of getting a cold or other illness. The benefits of probiotics can affect your oral health, too, since they affect what kind of bacteria you get in your mouth. This is why you can even buy lozenges made with probiotics, since these will improve the type of bacteria your mouth contains.

The Benefits of Probiotics Extend to Mental Health

Some studies indicate that better gut health can boost your mental health, so taking probiotics is encouraged if you’re concerned about developing those types of conditions. More specifically, some studies have shown that certain probiotics can improve depression, anxiety, OCD, and autism. So if you’re looking for a way to supplement any medications you’re on for these and other mental issues, it’s a good idea to look into probiotics. While anyone can purchase probiotics, it’s best to talk to your doctor before you start taking them for a specific health condition. This is especially important if you’re pregnant or if you plan to stop taking other medications in favor of probiotics. You’ll want to make sure your doctor agrees that it’s what’s best for your specific situation. And if you’re indeed open to over-the-counter options for improving your health, you may be interested in purchasing calcium supplements while you’re at it. For example, you can easily buy FitFormula’s Cal-EZ Calcium + Vitamin D online as an easy way to ensure you get enough calcium and vitamin D every day. Order yours today to experience the benefits firsthand! If you’re not familiar with supplements, here’s what you need to know: Supplement Trends—Pills Are So Yesterday Other sources on the benefits of probiotics: //www.berkeleywellness.com/supplements/other-supplements/article/probiotics-pros-and-cons" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Probiotics Pros and Cons 8 Health Benefits of Probiotics 5 Secrets to Feeling Young & Energetic After 40