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Who we are

My son, Peter Bua, and I founded FitFormula Wellness after spending a combined 40 plus years in the pharma, fitness, and healthcare industries.

We created the FitFormula line of products because we know that when supplements are simple, pure, clean, and effective, chances are good people will take them and, most importantly, get the benefit they seek.

During my tenure in the pharma and healthcare industry, I have always been passionate about exploring innovative technologies focusing on drug delivery and finding alternative strategies to foster health and wellness. Why? That’s simple: The easier a medication or supplement is to take, the greater the chance that people will actually take it, when they’re supposed to, and in the amounts and at the times they are supposed to.

That’s what led Peter and me to the formation of FitFormula Wellness, and our initial product offering: FitFormula’s Calcium + Vitamin D, a flavorless, tasteless powder that is quick and easy to take.

We believe in healthy, fit, well-functioning, strong bodies and love helping people live healthier, more satisfying lives. We are committed to always learning, always researching, and always experimenting. We are also advocates of the importance of consumer education, and always working to be a trusted resource for our clients and others interested in health and wellness information.

The only thing we are more passionate about is the the transparency and purity of the products we humans put into our bodies and, as a natural extension, the products my company works to develop.

Our focus at FitFormula, is on helping consumers understand the basics of good nutrition, what foods can deliver nutrients the body needs, and the role that supplements play in providing optimum nourishment, good health, and strong bodies and minds.

Peter and I, and our team at FitFormula Wellness have exciting things on the horizon. We aim to use passion, innovative delivery methods, and a clear understanding of both what’s possible within the marketplace, as well as what our customers tell us they want and need to change everything about the status quo as it relates to the supplement industry.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey!