Why FitFormula Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements?

Your health is our goal. To help you make the most of your Calcium and Vitamin D, FitFormula uses only pure ingredients. Your body was not meant to ingest artifice, additives, or things made with fake stuff, so we don't use it. When you are healthy, fit, well-functioning, and strong, you are happier, and that's what is most important to us. In short, we are passionate about helping people live healthier, more satisfying lives.

Our products are all the very highest quality, all natural supplements, with the smallest number of ingredients possible.

FitFormula Calcium + Vitamin D Classic and Blueberry-Flavored products are all natural supplements, with no fillers or preservatives. Awarded Clean Eating Magazine’s Clean Choice Awards Winner in 2017, our easy-to-take, easy-to-stow single use packets provide a quick single serving of your daily dose of Calcium + Vitamin D in either a fast-absorbing tasteless, flavorless powder (Classic) or in a Blueberry-Flavored direct dissolve powder that dissolves right on your tongue.


Ingredients In Our Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements

  • No calories
  • No sugar
  • No sodium
  • No artificial colors or flavors

* Our products meet or exceed applicable purity standards, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)[1] and California Proposition 65.[2]


Calcium & Vitamin D in a Tasteless Powder?

Yes, we really do mean tasteless! You can add FitFormula's Classic Calcium + Vitamin D to your morning coffee, juice, smoothie, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, or even just mix it in water. No matter how you decide to take it, you'll love that you can get your daily dose of Calcium + D with no gigantic pills to swallow.

Why powder? Great question! When taken in powder form, vitamins and nutrients absorb more quickly and efficiently into the body. Our research—and our customers—told us that chalky chews and large, hard-to-swallow pills made an easy excuse for skipping a daily dose of Calcium. Knowing that, we went to work on a powder solution that would make getting Calcium easy and effortless.

Direct Dissolve? Direct Dissolve? What the heck is that? It's pretty simple, really. Our founders have deep experience in the medical industry, and focusing on rapid delivery of medications and supplements is one of their primary areas of expertise. On the heels of the success of our Classic flavor, we wanted to create a direct dissolve product that would make it easier (and more fun) for kids of all ages to get their daily dose of Calcium + Vitamin D. The Blueberry-Flavored option makes it a breeze—and our grownup customers seem to be pretty partial to the direct dissolve formula as well.


Why Calcium + Vitamin D in Supplement Form?

While it's always best to get vitamins and nutrients from a balanced diet, with our busy lifestyles, that isn't always possible. Another factor is that while the best sources of calcium are milk, yogurt, and cheese, that doesn't help the 30 million to 50 million Americans who are lactose intolerant, including up to 75 percent of African Americans and American Indians and 90 percent of Asian Americans. The body needs calcium to maintain strong bones and to carry out many important functions. If the recommended daily allowance of calcium doesn't come from natural sources—a calcium supplement can play an important role.


Why We're So Excited About Our Sleep Formula!

Millions of people struggle with getting the sleep they need and it impacts everything about their ability to lead happy, productive, healthy lives. Think you're alone on that front? Think again! Over 50 million adults in the U.S. alone struggle with some form of sleep disorder. Whether it's insomnia, midlife and menopause-related sleep issues, wakefulness throughout the night, or circadian rhythm disorders, lack of sleep can wreak havoc on the body. If you're reading this chances are good you or someone you know suffers from some kind of sleep problem.

Our FitFormula Blueberry-Flavored Sleep Formula is gentle and effective, containing only GABA and Melatonin, and has been tested over the course of the last several months by scores of our customers who have sleep issues. One thing they all report? They love it! If you or someone you love struggles with getting the sleep they need, give our Sleep Aid Supplements a try—we're pretty sure you're going to love it.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I was determined to see if the claims were true, so I first put a packet in my cup of coffee. The fine powder made it look like I had just added creamer, it dissolved completely, and did not alter the taste of my morning java…yay!”
“I had a Vitamin D deficiency after my pregnancy, and FitFormula Wellness has been the perfect addition to my day that keeps my levels where they need to be. It’s an added bonus to know it supports bone health too.”
“I actually look forward to using this supplement each day. FitFormula Calcium + Vitamin D is very easy to incorporate into my daily routine, so I know I will be consistent in using it. It dissolves well and there is no annoying aftertaste. And the best thing: NO MORE horse pills. . . so happy!”
“I was impressed. It really has no flavor in plain water!”
“Unlike the other stuff that is available over the counter, this is much easier to digest
and therefore could really help those who need it.