FitFormula Announces Five New Products!

by Peter Bua
FitFormula Announces Five New Products!
Fit Formula Wellness is excited to announce the addition of five brand new products to our family of ever-growing vitamins and dietary supplements. We are confident that these newest items will provide our customers the tools needed to pursue healthy, fit, well-functioning, and strong bodies. Start the new decade off right - with a healthy and satisfying lifestyle!

Our five new products are:

Vitamin D3 Spray Dietary Supplement - A dietary supplement to promote the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorous, which are essential for the development and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones. Research also suggests that it may support immune system function by supporting healthy cell growth.

Pro Vegan (Creamy Chocolate flavor) - Vegan protein blend of Pea, Flax and Hemp with added probiotic support. The combination of these proteins, with their inherent capability to support numerous key systems in the body, along with a stable probiotic, which also can support digestion and immunity, makes this formula a stand-out foundational product for anyone looking to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamin C-Liposomal Dietary Supplement - A liposomal Vitamin C dietary supplement. A vegetarian and sugar free product. Benefits include the healthy maintenance of collagen, enables the formation of red blood cells, supports the immune system, and promotes healthy gum tissue health. Liposomal delivery allows for our vitamin c to enter the bloodstream directly, guaranteeing optimal bioavailability.

Fruit & Veggie Blend with Non-Dairy Probiotics - A tasty berry blend available in a 30 serving container. A rich, unique and colorful blend of organic red, green, orange, blue and purple fruits and vegetables. An excellent source of organic Acacia Fiber, Green Tea, Spirulina, and herbs. Designed to support the whole body.

FitFormula Slim Down - At FitFormula, we believe that natural is better. Easy to digest and easy on the stomach, our weight loss liquid spray contains only FDA GRAS-affirmed DygloFit natural extract from the Dichrostachys glomerata fruit as it’s active ingredient and is pleasantly flavored with peppermint oil and sweetened with Stevia leaf extract.

Give your body what it craves this year. Improve your health and happiness with FitFormula Supplements. Our products are all the very highest quality, all-natural supplements, with the smallest number of ingredients possible. Click here to begin your order and start improving your health today!