Fun Breakfast Treats for Your Kids that Pack a Calcium Punch

by Shelly Kramer
Fun Breakfast Treats for Your Kids that Pack a Calcium Punch
Having trouble getting your kids to consistently eat a healthy breakfast—or any breakfast at all? You’re not alone, as the American Academy of Pediatrics says 8 to 12 percent of school-aged kids don’t eat breakfast, and up to 30 percent of teens don’t eat it either! But the first meal of the day is pretty important if you want your kids to get in the right vitamins and minerals while boosting the energy they’ll need for school. If you want to see some improvement in this area, find out why kids need breakfast, and then check out recipes for some kid friendly breakfast treats that even picky eaters will appreciate.

The Basics—Why Kids Need to Eat Breakfast

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, it turns out that’s sort of true…for kids anyway. Apparently, it’s not that big a deal for adults to eat breakfast right when they wake up, but it’s pretty crucial for kids. That’s because, according to Popular Science, some studies have demonstrated that eating breakfast can improve kids’ performance in school, especially when it comes to following tasks.

Breakfast—A Great Time to Build Strong Bones

Breakfast is also a great way to start your kids’ day with important vitamins and minerals, like calcium and vitamin D. This is the time when their bones are literally soaking up the calcium they need, building strength to hold them in good stead, especially important if they’re playing sports, but really crucial to growth overall. Did you know that between the ages of 8 and 18 kids need more calcium than at any other time in their lives? It only makes sense, as those bones are growing into a strong foundation to support the body for life, but that’s something a lot of parents don’t know. I know I wasn’t aware of just how much calcium kids needed until I started doing my homework and working with the FitFormula team. The answer, by the way, is that kids need about 1300 mg of calcium a day. That’s a lot! Easy if they swill milk, eat yogurt, or a lot of cheese, but not so easy if they don’t. Calcium can help reduce the odds of broken bones, and vitamin D, also important, can help decrease the chance of infections, cancer, diabetes, and more. When it comes to breakfast, the great thing is that both these nutrients are plentiful in popular breakfast foods, such as milk, cereal, eggs, and yogurt. You’ll see proof of that when you read: Calcium-Rich Foods to Feed Your Picky Eaters But if you’re looking for more than these standard foods, here some healthy, kid-friendly breakfast recipes you might not have tried!

Breakfast Treats for Kids—Fox Toast

Some of the best breakfast recipes for kids are both healthy and fun to eat! //" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Fox Toast which I found over on Delish has both of these qualities. The main ingredients are protein-packed peanut butter and fiber-rich wheat bread, topped off with almonds and three types of fruit to ensure your kids are getting calcium and other nutrients with breakfast.

Donut Apples

It won’t be hard to get your kids to eat breakfast once you introduce them to the wonder of Donut Apples, another Delish find. Don’t worry; these aren’t donuts at all, meaning they count as a pretty healthy breakfast for kids! Granted, this recipe from Delish does feature some typical kid-friendly goodies—such as chocolate and sprinkles. But with the main ingredients being apples and cream cheese, this is a calcium-rich breakfast any kid will enjoy.

Rainbow Unicorn Smoothie

Looking for another fun, colorful way to give yours kids calcium-rich breakfast treats? Look no further than the Rainbow Unicorn Smoothie from Milk Life—a site that’s packed with lots of useful milk-related facts, recipes, and news. As you might imagine, this smoothie packs quite the high-calcium punch since it features yogurt, milk, and fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and mango chunks. Top it with whipped cream and sprinkles, and you’ve got a healthy breakfast for kids that’s simply fun to drink. Get more great smoothie recipes here: Non-Dairy Smoothie Recipes Can Deliver Big on Daily Dose of Calcium

PB&J Oatmeal

Delish does it again with yet another calcium-rich breakfast for kids, thanks to the PB&J Oatmeal recipe. This is perfect if your kids like PB&J sandwiches for lunch and rarely want to eat anything for breakfast. Maybe they’ll make an exception when you stir up some rolled oats, milk, peanut butter, and strawberry jam!

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Roll-Ups

If your mornings are hectic, you need some easy breakfast recipes for kids—and that might mean making some food ahead of time. Enter the Ham, Egg, and Cheese Roll-Ups recipe also from Delish. Get the sense I spend a lot of time hanging out on Delish? You’d be right. Well, it’s worth it for the finds I discover there. Like this calcium-rich breakfast is mainly made of eggs, cheese, spinach, and ham. Sure, these roll-ups are not as sweet or colorful as most other kid-friendly breakfast recipes, but they’re still a fun, easy-to-eat twist on traditional breakfast. Depending on how many you need, you can double the recipe and have some on-hand for the next few mornings when you’re looking for a quick, calcium-rich breakfast. Need yet another quick, high-calcium breakfast treats option? Just add FitFormula’s Cal-EZ Calcium + Vitamin D flavorless, tasteless powder to any food or beverage you make in the morning, and your whole family will get to enjoy an easy, healthy option for breakfast. Get yours today using code: FitFormula50 to start seeing the benefits for yourself! Want ideas on healthy foods your kids could eat any time of day? Check out 10 Superfoods That Your Children Might Actually Eat More ideas for kid-friendly breakfast treats: Let’s Talk Protein 15 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas 38 Delicious, Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes