Does Vitamin D Enhance Your Immune System?

by Peter Bua
Does Vitamin D Enhance Your Immune System?
Does Vitamin D Enhance Your Immune System? Yes, Vitamin D plays a critical role in promoting immune response. Studies have shown Vitamin D can help boost your immune system by lowering the risk of contracting respiratory infections. Being deficient in Vitamin D has also been associated with an increase in autoimmunity as well as increased susceptibility to infection.

The Benefits of Vitamin D and Immune Support

Vitamin D is a great supplement to boost overall health and wellbeing. It can play an integral role in skin health, energy, and depression. Vitamin D can contribute to skin cell growth, repair and metabolism. It optimizes the skin’s immune system and can help destroy free radicals that can cause premature aging. Research has found that Vitamin D deficiency was almost 5 times more common in adults with mental health issues that includes anxiety and depression. In addition to mental health, Vitamin D deficiency can also play a part in energy. People with Vitamin D deficiency tend to experience more fatigue and tiredness. “After being diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency during my annual physical I started taking FitFormula’s Vitamin D3 Spray. I have noticed an increase in energy, a decrease in overall anxiety, and an increase in overall wellbeing. I had no idea what I was missing out on!” - Carly, Washington D.C.

Should I take Vitamin D for Immune Support?

Yes, in addition to Vitamin C, Vitamin D is a great option for those of us who are looking to boost our immune system. Vitamin D tempers damaging inflammatory response of some white blood cells and boost immune cells’ production of microbe fighting proteins. Research has also shown taking Vitamin D can boost your immune system to fight off respiratory infections. It could be especially beneficial to take Vitamin D during cold/flu season as we are not spending much time outside thus limiting our own body’s Vitamin D production.

What is the best way to take Vitamin D?

Vitamin D in supplement form is usually presented either in powder, pill or liquid form. Any of these options are fine to consume Vitamin D. But if you’re looking for maximum absorption, going with a powder or liquid is more ideal. Pills take time to break down in your stomach which may inhibit maximum absorption whereas a liquid or powder can bypass this process. vitamin d3

FitFormula offers a liquid spray form of Vitamin D. Studies show that when taken in a liquid spray form, it can be 2.5 times more effective than pills. This is because the liquid is spread over the inside of the mouth allowing it to be absorbed through the fine blood vessels that line the oral cavity.

Promoting Overall Health & Wellbeing

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