The Beet Editors’ Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week

by Peter Bua on November 04, 2020
vitamin d3

FitFormula Wellness was recently featured in The Beet Editors’ Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week!

Here is what The Beet had to say about FitFormula's Vitamin D3 Spray:

Stephanie's Favorite Plant-Based Products of the Week

Currently, I'm on the coast, and if there's one thing my pale skin hates more than anything about warm weather, its long days spent at the beach. I burn any time I'm out in the sun for more than 15 minutes, so SPF 50 sunscreen is a must-have for me at all times. Along with sunscreen, I always make sure to take my Vitamin D, which I've noticed personally decreases the change that I will see redness after being in the sun, which can happen even when I'm vigorously reapplying sunscreen. It seems like science may back this up too: An October 2017 study suggests that vitamin D3 may help decrease redness and inflammation from sunburns.

This is where FitFormula Wellness' Vitamin D3 Spray comes in, which is my latest favorite way to get my daily dose. The spray is sunflower oil-based, vegetarian, and gluten-free, and has a very pleasant, subtle orange flavor. You can purchase FitFormula's spray here. Like any supplement, consult your doctor before taking it.