What is Liposomal?

by FitFormula Wellness
What is Liposomal?


You may have heard of liposomal in the health and wellness world as it continues to grow in popularity because of its superior deliverability. 

When applied to dietary supplements, liposomal offers a nutritional delivery system with rapid uptake and effective delivery into a body’s cells, which allows for significantly higher absorption than a standard delivery system. Today, liposomal delivery systems are becoming more and more popular.

Vitamin C Liposomal 

The absorption of liposomal vitamin c is significantly higher than that of standard vitamin c supplements. Essentially, vitamin c liposomal gets  into your system more quickly than a vitamin c pill. 

Vitamin c liposomal is easy to take. You can take it directly by pouring it into a teaspoon, or you can mix a teaspoon of it with your favorite protein shake or smoothie. FitFormula fans also love to add it to their tea to act as a natural sweetener.  

FitFormula’s Vitamin C Liposomal is already binded with water, so you do not need to take it on an empty stomach. We encourage you to take it with food as it can improve absorption even more. 

How to Choose the Best Liposomal

As vitamin c liposomal continues to grow in popularity, it’s important to distinguish the best liposomal brands. To choose the best form of liposomal vitamin c, look for these characteristics: 

  • The ingredients must include water. If water is in the ingredients, you are dealing with formed liposomes. If a liposome is not exposed to water, then you have a pro liposome, which means they are not formed and can affect the absorption rate and not truly be liposomal. 
  • Make sure the source of vitamin c is Sodium Ascorbate; check to see if there is sunflower lecithin in the other ingredients section. A well-sourced liposomal C supplement should use phospholipids derived from sunflower lecithin. 
  • Ensure the supplement non-GMO, soy, and gluten-free. 

Benefits of Vitamin C Liposomal

Since the absorption of vitamin c liposomal is significantly higher than that of standard vitamin c supplements, there are many benefits, including increased bioavailability, cardiovascular support, skin health, improved collagen production, and reduced oxidative stress throughout the body. Additionally, there is limited data that says vitamin c may contribute to fat loss. A 2005 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition indicated that vitamin c deficiency can slow down the loss of fat mass and that those with a higher vitamin c intake have a lower BMI. 

Vitamin c liposomal is easy on the stomach. The liposomes protect the vitamin c from the stomach’s harsh acids and allow easier absorption in the stomach and high intestinal absorption. 

How much vitamin c should you get each day to reap these benefits? For adults, the recommended intake for vitamin c is 65 to 90 milligrams a day. The upper limit is 2,000 mg a day. High levels of vitamin c have been shown not to be harmful. 

Vitamin C Liposomal Supplements

Many people simply don’t get enough vitamin c with their regular diet. A daily vitamin c supplement can benefit these people or anyone suffering from poor health, the effects of gastric surgery, a compromised immune system, or those who require large doses for health reasons.

FitFormula's Vitamin C Liposomal gives you your daily dose of vitamin c  immune support in one easy-to-swallow, pleasant tasting liquid form. The liposomal delivery system is the best available with the fastest absorption of vitamin c. FitFormula’s Vitamin C Liposomal supplement provides you with 1,250 milligrams of vitamin C per dose using high quality, natural ingredients, contains only 30 calories per serving, and can be taken by itself or mixed into juice or a smoothie. The recommended intake for vitamin C is 65-90mg per day for adults, with the upper limit being 2,000mg per day. 

At FitFormula, we care about the products our customers are consuming, and we aim to deliver the best, high-quality supplements on the market. Try FitFormula’s Vitamin C Liposomal today and experience the FitFormula difference!