Warm Lemon Water Benefits for a Healthy Body

by Shelly Kramer
Warm Lemon Water Benefits for a Healthy Body
Many people are in search of natural ways to improve their health. After all, not everyone wants to take prescription medication daily in order to prevent and treat health conditions. So if you want to get and feel better overall, you have several options, starting with warm lemon water. That’s right; water alone is good for you already, but drinking a specific type of water may be even better. Warm lemon water benefits the body in general, and here’s why.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re simply thirsty, plain water will do the trick. But if you really want to stay hydrated, you need electrolytes along with it. Did you know warm lemon water benefits include hydrating your lymphatic system? This keeps your thyroid and adrenal glands from feeling overworked and underappreciated. Find out more about why lemon water just hydrates you so well: 12 Days of Cleansing

Improve Digestion

Another great reason to sip on warm lemon water is that lemons have lots of citric acid in them, and that helps the stomach break down the food you eat. When you include lemons in your drink, you’re helping your body produce more gastric juices and bile, ensuring your food is digested fully and quickly. So if you’re prone to indigestion, warm lemon water benefits you.

Help Your Immune System

Infections can keep you down for days, weeks, or months at a time, so it makes sense to do everything you can to avoid them! Fortunately, one of the warm lemon water benefits is a better immune system that is equipped to fight off everything from UTIs to common colds. This is because lemons contain nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants, and potassium. Learn more about what top vitamins and minerals do for your body: Why Vitamins and Minerals Are Important and How To Get Them

Benefit from Better Brain Function

Another reason to drink warm lemon water is that it could make you smarter! Well, more specifically, the mix of potassium and vitamin C in lemons can reduce your stress and improve brain function, so it may be a little easier to think throughout the day when you have a glass of warm lemon water.

Get Healthier Joints

If your joints ache all the time, you’ll be glad to know warm lemon water benefits them. Why? The most common aches and pains in joints are caused by uric acid building up. And guess what? Lemon juice can dissolve it. That means you might notice less joint pain when you drink a cup of warm lemon water every day.

Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

If you’re worried about getting diabetes, keep in mind that the vitamin C in lemon water can decrease your chances of developing the disease. But if you do end up with it, this antioxidant may protect you from damage to your eyes, nerves, and other parts of the body, since it reduces the amount of sorbitol in those areas.

Balance Your Body’s pH

Sure, lemons are known for being acidic, so you might not assume they could provide any sort of balance for your pH levels. But it turns out they generate alkaline byproducts once your body metabolizes them, so it all evens out. That’s a good thing for your body since this can reduce the toxins in it.

Lose Weight

One of the best warm lemon water benefits is that it may help you lose weight. This is because lemons contain pectin, which can reduce your appetite. When you’re not worrying about cravings and unhealthy snacks as much as usual, you’ll likely start dropping the pounds!

Get Better Skin

Some warm lemon water benefits apply to your appearance, not just your health. For instance, lemons can improve your skin, since they’re antibacterial and therefore may reduce acne. They can also help dark spots fade from your facial skin, thanks to the citric juice inside them.

Boost Your Liver and Kidney Health

Another warm lemon water benefit to consider is that since this drink can reduce toxins in the body, it helps the liver out. After all, your liver is responsible for eliminating toxins, and lemon juice naturally does this. That leaves your liver to do its job, helping metabolize fat, which helps you lose weight. Win/win! Additionally, lemon water can reduce the odds of a calcium buildup in your kidneys, decreasing your chance of developing kidney stones. As you can see, there are plenty warm lemon water benefits to consider if you want to get healthier in a natural way. The truth is, you don’t have anything to lose by trying it out, since it’s basically free and easy to access. So why not? And while you’re at it, order a box of FitFormula’s Cal-EZ Calcium+Vitamin D today! Did you know a glass of warm lemon water is first on the list of 8 Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Morning Routine? Other sources on warm lemon water benefits: 7 Ways Your Body Benefits from Lemon Water The Health Benefits of Hot Lemon Water 12 Insane Benefits of Lemon Water You Never Knew