These Recipes Will Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth

by Cal-EZ Team
These Recipes Will Satisfy Your Summer Sweet Tooth
Satisfying summertime desserts can be hard to find. They need to be light, delicious, tasty, and refreshing in the heat! So we’ve made this list of six healthy and delicious summer desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth and keep you refreshed when you’re sitting poolside.


“This //">Summer Berry Tart with Lemon Mascarpone Cream is supermodel gorgeous,” and also what we like to call: game changing. Make this for a summer soiree, a girl’s night—or just yourself!—this dessert will not let you down. It’s light, flavorful, and just enough to sate that summertime sweet tooth. Bonus: The post, by //">Emily of Nerds With Knives, comes with a side of hilarious (and educational) wordplay!
Photo: Pumpkinn Spice


“This Strawberry Peach Smoothie is thick, creamy, and packed with juicy strawberries and peaches.” Here’s what we love about dessert smoothies: They’re easy to make, everyone likes them, and look fancy! Not to mention that while Gayle keeps this drink on the right side of healthy—no one says you can’t substitute ice cream for greek yogurt, or add a little rum.
Photo: Southern Souffle


“Let me tell you.. Popsicle molds and my freezer are like Solange and Jay-Z.” Okay, so not only is the post for these //">Ancho Chili Lime Pineapple Popsicles a hilarious comedy of errors (go read it, it’s great!), the recipe is on point! //">Erika turns a watermelon/pineapple mix up into a delicious recipe that will keep you cool and sated in the summer heat. BONUS: Erika says the syrup from the recipe goes great with tequila.
Photo: Sweet Potato Soul


“Talk about a treat to make the heat bearable.” This //">Grilled Banana & Macadamia Milk Vegan Ice Cream is for the foodie in all of us! Full honesty: this recipe does require an ice cream maker—but you won’t be disappointed. It’s made with //">Milkadamia, which we’ve never tried, but soon will! And let’s be real, when has //">Jenné ever let us down in the past?
Photo: Lilluna


“If you’re a fruit lover, I’m certain you will LOVE this simple but perfectly sweet Shortcake Bar recipe.” We found this recipe post on Kristyn’s blog, but it’s originally from //">Monique at//"> Divas Can Cook. Full honesty: We thought our readers would like Kristyn’s photo more, but we didn’t want to ignore the original poster of this EPIC dessert! And epic it is. These Strawberry Shortcake Bars are easy to make, and even easier to eat. And when it comes to desserts, the easier the better! Plus with one pan to bake and then dress them in—clean up is easy!
Photo: Real Simple Good


“These //">watermelon blueberry lime popsicles are not only made with real fruit but are also dairy-free and refined sugar-free which makes them a sinless treat!” So clearly, we love popsicles. We feel that if it’s summertime and you’re not enjoying a popsicle or two, something is terribly wrong. But never fear! This popsicle recipe will solve your problem. With only three ingredients, //">Erica and Justin’s recipe is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you refreshed!
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