Why Melatonin is Good for More Than Just Sleep

by Jay Bua
Why Melatonin is Good for More Than Just Sleep
Melatonin is good for many things, but most people only know about its positive effects on sleep and jet lag, thanks to its influence on the circadian rhythm. Luckily, it has several other health benefits that you should know about before you decide whether or not melatonin is for you. Here are the advantages of taking this helpful hormone. Once you learn about the many benefits of this hormone, consider where to get it naturally when you read: The Next Superfood You Should Try: Cherries

Melatonin Can Improve Eye Health

Studies have shown that melatonin supports eye health, which makes sense, since the cells in the eye make this hormone. One study in particular found that people who took a supplement of this hormone every day were able to delay any eye damage from age-related macular degeneration. Additionally, melatonin can reduce pressure in the eye, which may be why it’s considered a good treatment for glaucoma, which is caused by excessive eye pressure.

It Can Help Manage Certain Ear Problems

Healthy eyes aren’t the only perks of taking melatonin; your ear health can improve, too. This is because this hormone can treat the symptoms of tinnitus, which is a buzzing or ringing in the ears. It’s especially common in older people and those who have a hearing disability, but it can affect anyone. Fortunately, melatonin is much more effective than most other drugs when it comes to treating tinnitus, so it’s smart to consider it if you’re experiencing buzzing or ringing in your ears.

It Can Treat and Prevent Cancer

Research shows that people who have prostate, breast, and colorectal cancer tend to have low levels of melatonin compared to those who don’t have cancer, suggesting that more of this hormone in your body may reduce your chance of a cancer diagnosis. In addition, it has blocked the growth of cancer cells for patients in some studies, making cancer less aggressive in some cases. So if you have any risk factors for developing cancer, you should consider taking melatonin.

It Can Protect the Stomach

Another reason to take supplements of this kind is to reduce your chance of suffering from certain stomach issues. For example, melatonin is known for controlling how gut bacteria behave, improving the health of the stomach lining, and healing stomach ulcers. It can also reduce stomach inflammation, which in turn can help reduce your chance of developing cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, and colitis. It may even reduce the discomfort of heartburn! Whether you’re at risk of developing any of these stomach problems or you’re just tired of frequent stomach pain, you’ll find that it won’t hurt to add melatonin to your daily routine.

It Can Safeguard the Brain

This hormone has several positive effects on the brain, too. It can decrease inflammation, protect nerve cells, and even assist with healing brain trauma. Plus, it can make the blood-brain barrier stronger. So what does that mean? Well, keep in mind that when your blood-brain barrier is weak enough to leak, you might notice some brain fog, depression, anxiety, or even Alzheimer’s disease. Since melatonin can strengthen this barrier, it has been studied as a possible treatment for different brain diseases.

It Can Boost Immunity

Finally, melatonin can reinforce your body’s immune system, so you might get sick less often after you start taking it on a regular basis. This is because it acts as an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, which is especially important for people who have compromised immune systems. If you’re immunocompromised or just tired of getting sick often, you might want to add this supplement to your regimen. And of course, the main reason many people take melatonin to begin with is to get better sleep. So if you’re suffering from insomnia or jet lag and need a way to reset your body’s internal clock—or circadian rhythm—you should give this supplement a try. In fact, we’d love to introduce you to a new product you might benefit from, as we’ve released FitFormula’s Blueberry-Flavored Sleep Formula. This all-natural powder has a blueberry flavor you’ll love as you work on trying to solve your sleep problems. Want to try it? Just click here! You can read more about some sleep solutions here: Avoiding Insomnia: How To Fall Asleep—and Hopefully Stay Asleep Other sources on melatonin and sleep: Wrestling the Insomnia Demon 5 Reasons to Wake Up To The Effects of Sleep Deprivation