Intermittent Fasting For Beginners

by Peter Bua
Intermittent Fasting For Beginners

Intermittent Fasting (IF) has grown in popularity. While some forms of intermittent fasting are more intense than others, you don’t have to start that way. 

Intermittent fasting focuses less on what you eat and more on WHEN you eat. You are essentially restricting your calorie intake and only eating during a specific window. Many people opt for a 16:8 fast, which means you fast for 16 hours and your eating window is 8 hours. Although IF doesn’t restrict what you eat, if you want to see optimal results, it is best to be mindful of the quality of the food you are consuming during your eating window. Other IF options include 20:4 (a 20 hour fast with a 4-hour eating window), and some people choose to fast for 24 hours two days out of the week while eating normally during the rest of the week. The IF window that you choose is really up to you! 

Let’s explore the benefits of intermittent fasting and how FitFormula Wellness products can help make fasting a little easier for beginners.

Is It Okay To Skip Breakfast?

But isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day?? This is a common misconception that many of us learned at an early age, and studies show that this is false. Skipping breakfast will not slow down your weight loss or make you feel groggy and tired. With 16:8 being a popular window for intermittent fasting beginners, that usually means you skip breakfast and start eating around lunchtime. However, it does depend on your personal preference and lifestyle. If you love breakfast, then you would start your fast earlier in the day instead of later. For many people, this is more convenient than other diets that involve a lot of meal prep. Convenience is one reason people love IF because you don’t have to plan out 4-6 small meals throughout the day. 

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss

We have seen many people have tremendous success in losing weight while incorporating the IF lifestyle. Since you eat fewer calories while following an IF lifestyle, you will lose weight because you are in a calorie deficit. However, it’s extremely important to note that for optimal weight loss, you should eat as clean as possible and do not overeat during your eating window. This is where FitFormula’s Slim Down Spray can help intermittent fasting beginners

FitFormula’s Slim Down Spray is an all-natural product that makes you feel fuller longer. Hunger control is great for IF beginners who need some help staying within their fasting window, or you can use it during your eating window to ensure you don’t overeat. FitFormula’s Slim Down Spray contains only FDA GRAS-affirmed DygloFitⓇ natural extract from the Dichrostachys glomerata fruit as it’s active ingredient, and is pleasantly flavored with peppermint oil and sweetened with Stevia leaf extract.

This premium formulation delivers effective weight management in a delicious tasting and easy-to-take liquid spray, so there’s no powder, pills, or capsules to swallow. As a dietary supplement, hold the nozzle 1” from the mouth, spray five times and swallow. Use once or twice daily or as directed by your healthcare provider. Shake well before each use.

Health Benefits

Weight-loss isn’t the only compelling benefit of intermittent fasting. More and more studies are showing great health benefits.

According to, here are some of the main health benefits of intermittent fasting:

  • Insulin resistance: Intermittent fasting can reduce insulin resistance, lowering blood sugar by 3–6% and fasting insulin levels by 20–31%, which should protect against Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Inflammation: Some studies show reductions in markers of inflammation, a key driver of many chronic diseases
  • Heart health: Intermittent fasting may reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides, inflammatory markers, blood sugar, and insulin resistance — all risk factors for heart disease 
  • Cancer: Animal studies suggest that intermittent fasting may prevent cancer
  • Brain health: Intermittent fasting increases the brain hormone BDNF and may aid new nerve cells’ growth. It may also protect against Alzheimer’s disease 
  • Anti-aging: Intermittent fasting can extend lifespan in rats. Studies showed that fasted rats lived 36–83% longer 

Try FitFormula’s Slim Down Spray For Intermittent Fasting Beginners

Are you ready to try your hand at intermittent fasting? We don’t blame you! The benefits are very compelling! If you need help easing into the IF lifestyle, order our Slim Down Spray to help you curb your appetite and stay within your fasting window. Feel free to email us with any questions –