5 Foods Men Should Eat and 5 They Should Avoid

by Shelly Kramer
5 Foods Men Should Eat and 5 They Should Avoid
If you’re a man and staying healthy as you get older is goal, you need to make sure you’re regularly getting certain key nutrients in your diet. And if you’ve got any intentions of avoiding the old man hunchback, you’d best be making sure you’re getting enough calcium in your diet—before it’s too late. Think I’m being alarmist? Try taking a look around at older men you see on a daily basis. I’m here to tell you that based on what I’m seeing, there are a whole lot of men out there who aren’t paying attention to calcium needs and who are absolutely, positively not getting the calcium they need and doing the other things they need to do in order to preserve bone mass and stay strong. Let's find out what foods men should eat.

The Role Calcium and Other Nutrients Play in Men’s Health

Let’s talk about the role calcium and other nutrients play in men’s health, and then we’ll take a deeper dive into diet and the foods men should eat to stay healthy, and the foods they should avoid. Calcium and nutrients first. In order to maintain bone health and keep the rest of the body healthy, men need about 1,000 mg of calcium per day. They also need nutrients like potassium, vitamin D, magnesium, and more. How can men make sure they get the calcium and nutrients they need? It’s always best to get vitamins and nutrients from food…… There are several foods that are rich in numerous key nutrients men need…and of course there are some foods that can undo all your careful dieting and working out! Check out what foods men should eat and what foods not to eat on your quest to get healthier. And take a look at some nutrients you may be missing: 5 Nutrients Men Aren’t Getting Enough Of—And How to Fix That

Good Foods to Include in Your Diet

1. Dark vegetables: Sure, all vegetables are good…but if you want as many nutrients as possible, then the darker, the better! Options like beets, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, and collard greens all feature antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D, and other key nutrients for men and some of the foods men should eat. So make sure your meals always include a side of dark vegetables. 2. Nuts and seeds: Need a snack? Grab a handful of sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, or any other types of nuts or seeds. These little healthy snacks come packed with vitamin D, E, calcium, good fats, and more. If you’re not sure why you need more vitamin D in your diet, get the facts here: Eight Reasons Men Absolutely Need Vitamin D 3. Fish: Fish features many key nutrients for men, including omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. This means it’s good for your circulation, heart health, and the health of your body overall. Try to include it in your diet at least a few times a week. 4. Fruits and berries: You really can’t go wrong eating some type of fruit every day. Fruits and berries offer lots of fiber and antioxidants that boost brain health, fight fatigue and improve heart health. Whether you opt for strawberries, bananas, oranges, or any other fruit as a snack or dessert, you’ll be getting some key nutrients for men. 5. Whole grains: When you eat whole grains, you’ll ingest enough fiber to keep you feeling full for hours. Plus, you’ll get plenty of key nutrients that will benefit your heart and your body overall. So make sure to include oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread in your diet.

Bad Foods to Avoid

1. Fatty meats: Bacon and rib eye steaks may taste amazing, but I’ve got some bad news about their health effects. When you eat too much of this type of food, you can get high blood pressure and heart disease, so it’s best to limit these options in your diet. 2. Alcohol: Okay, we all know alcohol isn’t exactly good for you, save for the occasional glass of red wine. And yet we still drink it. But if you’re going for improved health, it’s best to limit alcohol in any form, since booze tends to be heavy on the carbs (and/or sugar), which can lead to more belly fat. 3. Fast food and processed foods: I know fast food and prepackaged, processed foods are quick and convenient. But they’re also pretty bad for your health (which you already knew!). No one needs this much sodium and saturated fats in their diet, so keep it to a minimum if you want to stick to key nutrients men really need. 4. Sugary drinks or snacks: Cookies, muffins, donuts, fruit juices, and soda may be tempting in a pinch…but they’re typically filled with insane amounts of sugar that you don’t need in your body. Just say no! 5. Margarine: I think we were all told margarine was better for us years ago, but newer studies have revealed that real butter is actually better—not only from a flavor standpoint, but also a health standpoint! That’s because its ingredients are far more natural than margarine, which has lots of trans fats that wreak havoc on cholesterol levels. Now that you know the foods men should eat - and the foods to stay away from - there’s no reason to not be working toward peak health! You owe it to yourself to get as many key nutrients as possible if you want to stay in good shape. You can start with this list, and go ahead and add a supplement or two—such as FitFormula Cal-EZ Calcium+Vitamin D powder. Mixing this nutrient into your food or drink will put you one step closer to better health! Another way to get more calcium is to check out these tips: Quick and Easy Calcium-Rich Snacks for Men More resources on foods men should maybe pay more attention to: 3 Key Nutrients Every Man Needs The Best and Worst Foods a Man Can Eat