A Deal So Good It's Scary

by Peter Bua
A Deal So Good It's Scary
If you’re running low on sleep lately, we feel your pain—and we’ve got a solution for it! Now when you buy any of our FitFormula products, you’ll save $10 on our new Blueberry–Flavored Sleep Formula. This is definitely a treat— not a trick!—for anyone dealing with a sleep disorder. So if you’ve been struggling to get to sleep but have put off buying a product that would help, now is your chance to leave those sleepless nights in your past without spending a fortune.

Why You Need Our Sleep Formula

So why should you try our FitFormula Blueberry–Flavored Sleep Formula? First, it’s gentle and effective, with its active—and only—ingredients being Melatonin and GABA. That means you don’t have to worry about fillers or preservatives that could be bad for your body! It also means this product is perfect for anyone who is gluten free or vegetarian. Basically, as long as your goal is to get better sleep, you can’t go wrong with our Blueberry–Flavored Sleep Formula, especially now that it’s on sale! Buy any product and get $10 off the Sleep Formula! When you get this product in your hands, you’ll be relieved to know it’s easy to take. Just open the package, pour the sleep formula on your tongue, and wait while it dissolves within seconds. You can also add it to water or your favorite juice. Either way, you’ll notice a subtle, refreshing blueberry flavor that will quickly get you on your way to sleeping better at night.

How Our Halloween Deal Works

If you’re one of the more than 50 million Americans who suffer from a lack of sleep for any reason, you can look forward to getting some relief from FitFormula Blueberry–Flavored Sleep Formula. And now this Halloween, you can try it at a discount. All you have to do for $10 off is add any of our other FitFormula products to your cart, from the Classic Calcium+Vitamin D to the Blueberry-Flavored Calcium+Vitamin D. This deal gives you a chance to improve both your bone health and your sleep quality while staying on a budget. And after all the sweet treats that come along with Halloween, you’re going to want to pay extra attention to your health, right? So go ahead and treat yourself to our deal today!