What's Driving the Supplement Boom? Younger Consumers Play a Role Too

by Jay Bua
What's Driving the Supplement Boom? Younger Consumers Play a Role Too
More than 170 million Americans take supplements. While senior citizens do make up a lot of that group—as 74 percent of adults 55 and older take supplements—younger Americans are not far behind. About 70 percent of adults between 18 and 34 take dietary supplements, and the same percentage applies to adults between 35 and 54. Basically, most people in every age group take supplements! But here’s how younger people in particular are driving the supplement boom. Get ideas on which supplements to take when you read: My Well-Rounded List of Supplements for Fitness

Why Do Young People Take Supplements and Are They Driving the Supplement Boom?

The force driving the supplement boom is people who turn to a pill or powder in the first place. It used to be that most people took supplements to improve their overall health, with the second reason being to fill any nutrient gaps in their diet. But lately, while the top reason is still to maintain general health, the second most popular reason is to increase energy. Filling nutrient gaps in the diet is the third most popular answer now, likely because more people are turning to superfoods—like fruits and vegetables—to get certain nutrients. Another reason for the supplement boom is that recent studies show most people trust the supplement industry. About 85 percent of adults in the US—and 96 percent of supplement users—have confidence in the dietary supplement field. That’s probably because this field doesn’t suffer from the same consumer distrust that Big Pharma does these days, especially among millennials. Instead, it’s seen as natural and ethical, making young adults more likely to spend money on supplements than prescription drugs. No wonder something is driving the supplement boom! If you’re considering taking supplements to increase your energy, check out some other methods to try: 5 More Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels

Which Supplements Are Most Popular?

Some supplements have more consumer support than others, particularly among young people. One of the most notable trends is that US adults tend to take specialized supplements to help them manage certain health conditions. For example, in 2016, vitamin D was the most commonly used dietary supplement. This makes sense because vitamin D deficiencies are common and can cause many unwanted symptoms when not corrected. If you’re not sure if you need more of this vitamin, read: 6 Signs You Might be Deficient in Vitamin D Other popular supplements in recent years include fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, CoQ10 and multivitamins. In addition, B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, and calcium have also been very popular lately. This is expected to continue, as each of these supplements solves specific health problems, which seems to appeal to younger consumers these days. Though young adults are still not as likely to take dietary supplements as older folks, they’re quickly catching up. And of course, as millennials age, they’ll become even more reliant on supplements to help them manage their health conditions, driving the supplement boom even more. But no matter what age group you fall into, you can benefit from taking some vitamins and minerals. For example, one packet of FitFormula calcium powder per day will ensure you’re getting your RDA of calcium, which is helpful if you’re having trouble eating enough calcium-rich foods every day. More sources on the supplement boom: Who takes dietary supplements, and why? //www.healthysolutionsweb.com/trending-supplements-2017/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Trending Supplements 2017 //www.crnusa.org/newsroom/supplement-use-among-younger-adult-generations-contributes-boost-overall-usage-2016-more" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Supplement Use Among Younger Adult Generations Contributes to Boost in Overall Usage in 2016