Product Review FitFormula Sleep —Sleep Issues Gone Now

by Michelle DeBerge
Product Review FitFormula Sleep —Sleep Issues Gone Now
I turned 50 in 2018 and I got hit hard with menopause and depression. Sleeping became a luxury. I would drag through the days exhausted and then fall asleep only to wake up in a few hours. I would toss and turn, get hit with hot flashes, not be able to go back to sleep and the cycle continued day after day. It was frustrating and I struggled to get my work done during the day. Sound familiar? I tired over -the-counter sleeping pills but they not only raised my blood pressure, but I would be groggy by lunch. I tried herbal teas, warm baths, bath salts, sleep hypnosis music, meditation, no electronics in the bedroom, and regular sleep hours — to no avail. That's why I'm writing this product review for FitFormula Sleep, because everyone needs to get better sleep!

Product Review FitFormula Sleep

So there I was, generally not sleeping and not loving life as a result. Then a women reached out to me on social media after having discovered my website and loving some of my blog content (yay, GSDF!), and asked me if I'd like to try some FitFormula Wellness products and give them an honest review. When she mentioned the FitFormula Sleep Formula and the fact that it's all natural containing only melatonin and GABA, super gentle, effective and — bonus, that it comes in a quick dissolve powder that tastes like blueberries, she had my attention! So I was all in. When I got the FitFormula Sleep Formula, I tried it right away. That first night, it was as if magic happened. I took the formula, turned out the light, petted the cats, rolled over and ... ...woke up eight hours later with the sun streaming on my face and the cats staring at me as they purred. I decided it only worked because I had not had good sleep in months and months. BUT ... I tried it again, and it worked every night since then! Every night I sleep well, and I wake up rested. The best part is the menopause no longer wakes me up and my depression has lifted a lot since I am now getting quality sleep. Not surprisingly, I'm a fan of FitFormula's Sleep Formula. I asked the team at FitFormula for a discount code to provide to my Gluten Sugar Dairy Free community and they we happy to oblige, giving me 20% off to offer to my peeps. One other thing I should mention, the Sleep Formula isn't the only FitFormula product that I'm trying. They also have a FitFormula Calcium + Vitamin D product that comes in both Classic unflavored and in Blueberry Flavor direct dissolve. That's actually how Shelly found me, because when you're dairy free, it's often a challenge to get the Calcium that you need from food, and the FitFormula powdered Calcium + D can make it easier for diary-free, lactose intolerant, and even vegan eaters to get the nutrients they need for strong bones and well-functioning bodies. I'll tell you more about those products another day.

My Sleep Challenge To You

Today, I challenge to get more and better sleep! I challenge you to order a packet of the FitFormula Sleep Formula. You get 30 packets, packaged in single serving sleeves in an easy-to-store envelope—and you get 20% off your order. As with all supplements, please check with your doctor before using. My doctor actually tried them and loves them. She took me off of some of my medications since I'm using these products and having such great success. To be transparent if you don't like this Sleep Formula for any reason, FitFormula has a great return policy and their customer service is awesome. There's no risk in giving it a try! I know for me it has been life-changing. My productivity increased, my mood is better, I have more energy, I wake up excited to face the day and so grateful for real quality sleep. Plus, my two cats love that I don't get up and down all night long like before! So we are so all so much happier thanks to this FitFormula Sleep Formula! Want to learn more? Click here. Want to try it? Use our special code for 20% off: gsdf20%off Free free to message me on Facebook and let me know how you liked this. The fact that my doctor is now taking this along with the great changes I have discovered leads me to suggest that you should definitely consider giving it a try. And if you're into a gluten sugar dairy free lifestyle, come check out my site at: Gluten Sugar Dairy Free Lifestyle.
A little about me? I'm an avid foodie and I love helping people down the path of healthy eating. In my own journey, I became gluten, sugar, and dairy free for health reasons and then I turned my focus to recreating some of my favorite foods in the gluten, sugar, and dairy free way. No small challenge, as you know! I've attended many different cooking schools all over the world, and I'm constantlycreating new recipes and ways of creating delicious food that can be easily adopted by the home cook. Even if you're a busy momma! I wrote the International Best-Seller Guide Book to living Gluten, Sugar, Dairy Free and it became a best-seller in under 48 hours. Then I wrote a whole collection of books focused on GSDF - you can find them here. Want to be a part of my GSDF journey, and probably not only learn a lot but make a bunch of new friends along the way? I'd love to have you! You can find me on Facebook here: GSDF Facebook Or on Instagram here: GSDF Instagram Or on Pinterest here: GSDF Pinterest I have a GSDF Starter Kit, which consists of two full size digital cookbooks and three of my most popular Beginner Video Cooking Classes that I would love for you to check out. and my GSDF Made Easy Program is on sale right now for a whopping 50% off. If I can help you on your gluten, sugar, dairy free journey, I'd love to! GSDF Michele DeBerge The original version of this article first appeared on the Gluten Sugar Dairy Free website.

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