Pandemic Sleep Problems: Causes and Solutions

by Peter Bua
Pandemic Sleep Problems: Causes and Solutions
You probably know all too well how essential a restful night's sleep is for your overall well-being. But since 45% of Americans experience some trouble falling asleep, it's a safe bet that you might not always drift off to dreamland right away. That may be especially true right now. We're in the midst of a global pandemic that has rapidly closed down schools and businesses, leaving many of us with no choice but to face homeschooling, job loss, and economic hardship. On top of that, we now have to take on additional health precautions in order to keep our friends, family, and neighbors safe from harm. With all that in mind, it's no wonder that you're having trouble sleeping at night. In today's post, we'll take a look at some of the reasons you might be experiencing sleep issues in quarantine, why it's essential to prioritize your sleep right now, and what you can do to relieve sleep problems in the days, weeks, and months to come.

COVID-19 and Sleep Issues: What's the Connection?

There are a few different reasons you may be experiencing sleep problems right now. For one thing, most of us have experienced major disruptions to our routines as a result of the coronavirus. Even if you're perfectly healthy, you may have had to adjust to working from home or have been given the news you'll be laid off until further notice. When you're someone who thrives on routine, these sudden changes can be jarring to the system. You're probably also consuming a lot more media than ever -- and most of it is largely negative. Being exposed to that endless news cycle can increase feelings of anxiety, depression, and frustration. This, combined with the fears over the health of your loved ones, can culminate in a sense of foreboding that can be difficult to shake. Whether you have too much downtime on your hands or you're stressed about trying to juggle parenting while working from home, this "new normal" is probably going to have significant effects on your sleep. But as we'll see, getting ample shut-eye is especially essential right now.

Why Prioritize Sleep During a Pandemic?

Beauty sleep is always paramount to your overall well-being, which is just one reason sleep aid supplements have retained their popularity. However, getting enough sleep is even more important in these uncertain times. That's because getting ample sleep supports your immune system. Having a strong immune system allows you to fight off infections, while sleep deprivation can make your immune system more vulnerable to disease. In other words, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule can keep you healthier overall.

What Can You Do To Alleviate Sleep Issues?

Now that you understand the problem and why it's so important to address, let's discuss a few ways to correct sleep issues during the pandemic.
  • Stick to a Schedule: Maintaining a regular routine might sound impossible right now, but you should establish a regular bedtime and stick to it. Don't be tempted to stay up late or nap throughout the day. Instead, keep your circadian rhythm in check by following a schedule.
  • Limit Screen Time: Too much media consumption can increase your anxiety, but even looking at digital screens can disrupt your sleep patterns. Put limits on how long you can scroll and keep your devices out of your bedroom to promote a better night's sleep.
  • Stay Active When Possible: Physical activity can help you maintain energy during the day and help you sleep better at night. It'll release those feel-good chemicals and reduce stress while tiring you out enough to hit the hay on the early side.
  • Take Sleep Aid Supplements: Non-habit forming sleep aid supplements can allow you to fall asleep more quickly and have a more restful night. When you use these items from a sleep aid supplement company, you may also benefit from consuming several other vitamins and nutrients that can promote general wellness. Whether you suffer from occasional insomnia or you wake up in the middle of the night with worry, taking these sleep aid supplements can provide relief and overall immune system support.
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