How Calcium Supplements Can Improve Your Life

by Peter Bua
How Calcium Supplements Can Improve Your Life
Calcium is a mineral that can be consumed in a variety of ways. From the foods you eat to the drinks you consume, this necessary mineral helps with aspects of your health from keeping your bones strong to helping systems in your body, such as the nervous and the circulatory systems. Some people use calcium supplements in order to have the proper amount of vitamins in their body that will keep their health satisfactory.

How Supplements Can Help You Sleep More Easily

One of the major ways that calcium supplements are used is as a sleep aid. Sleep aid supplements are used by many across the country. In fact, 45% of Americans report having issues falling asleep. A study in the European Neurology Journal shows that sleep cycles and having proper levels of calcium in our body are directly linked together. The study found that the times in which the levels of calcium in one's body are the highest are the times when the level of sleep is the deepest. Similarly, times in which people have trouble sleeping or wake up often during the night are due to a lower level of calcium. People that do not receive the proper level of sleep will then feel tired during the day and their health will continue to not be up to par because of the lack of sleep. This is a reason many decide to order calcium supplements, to keep sleep patterns healthy and insomnia free. Order calcium supplements both in store or online if you feel as though you are not getting enough of it into your body.

Get More Vitamin D

Many people use vitamin D supplements. This type of supplement is a requirement to support the minerals calcium and phosphorus in the body. A common way for people to get their proper amount of vitamin D is by getting sunlight. Some, however, may live in an area in which sunlight is not common and other methods of receiving the vitamin are needed. People that are older have a higher chance of being deficient in vitamin D. Some of the reasons include less time in the sun, more trouble absorbing the mineral, and difficulty including it in their diet. This is a problem as a lack of vitamin D causes health problems as well as makes existing health problems worse.

Doses of Vitamin D

For the proper results, it is important to take 50,000 IU each week for six to 12 weeks. It is important to note that not everyone is the same and some may need a higher dosage or to take it for a longer period of time to find the results right for them. When you order calcium supplements online, make sure to be careful of directions and dosage information on the product.

How To Find These Supplements

These supplements can be found both in store and online. To order vitamin D supplements, search and order from a trusted website. Visit to learn more about these supplements.