Are You Suffering from a Calcium Deficiency?

by Peter Bua
Are You Suffering from a Calcium Deficiency?
It is recommended that adults get 1,000 mg of calcium every day with an increase to 1,200 mg for men and women aged 50 to 70. Luckily, calcium supplements can give you the calcium you need every day if you aren’t consuming enough in your diet. Could you be suffering from a calcium deficiency? Is this type of deficiency really bad? It helps to understand more about calcium itself in order to effectively answer those questions.

What You Need to Know About Calcium

There is more calcium in the human body than any other mineral with up to 99% of it being stored in teeth and bones. You need to consume plenty of calcium to keep teeth and bones strong over the course of aging. Calcium also plays a vital role in keeping muscle function, nerves, and the heart-healthy too. The recommended daily allowance can be difficult to consume in your diet. However, there is a much easier way to get the calcium you need. Purchase online calcium supplements to maintain healthy teeth and bones while also keeping osteoporosis at bay.

What Exactly Is a Calcium Deficiency Verses Calcium Inadequacy?

If you do not eat, drink or take calcium supplements you could be risking calcium inadequacy. Hypocalcemia, known as a calcium deficiency, does not have anything to do with your diet. It is actually all about the blood levels of calcium which are too low and require that medication is taken. A dietary deficiency means that you are not getting enough calcium from the beverages and foods you ingest. Normally, people tend to get the calcium needed by eating a variety of calcium-rich foods. An inadequacy of calcium is way more common than a deficiency. Buy online calcium supplements to get the calcium and vitamin D that you need to stay healthy over time.

Wait, Calcium and Vitamin D Are Connected?

Vitamin D and calcium have a vital connection. Calcium needs vitamin D in order to be absorbed. If you are deficient in vitamin D, you will not effectively absorb calcium. However, there are calcium supplements that also include vitamin D so you get the healthy dose of calcium needed on a daily basis with the ability to have it effectively absorbed by your body. Order calcium supplements online with vitamin D so you can take advantage of supplements that help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Calcium Helps to Prevent Ailments as You Age

Men, and women especially, need to increase their calcium intake as they age to avoid the pitfalls of fractures and osteoporosis. Try online calcium supplements with vitamin D from a calcium supplement company that offers healthy alternatives to create strong bodies and bones. Supplements, without any preservatives or fillers that are also gluten-free and vegetarian, are a great choice to get your daily dose of vitamin D and calcium. Choose from blueberry or flavorless online calcium supplements to get started. Just use one stick packet every day by mixing it in a liquid of choice, sprinkled over foods such as eggs, oatmeal or applesauce or let it dissolve on your tongue.

Everyone Benefits from Purchasing Online Calcium Supplements

Supplements make it easy for people on-the-go to get the nutrition they need without any hassle. Just toss a packet into your bag or tuck it in your pocket and you’re good to go! Taking a powder supplement is perfect for people that also have trouble swallowing large pills that tend to cause occasional constipation. Athletes and runners that suffer from stress fractures can ease this problem by pouring calcium supplements into bottled water. Being able to maintain good health is vital for everyone. Women in particular, greatly benefit from powered calcium supplements at every age. Calcium is especially beneficial for pregnant women, menopausal women, and women who are suffering from osteoporosis. Without additional calcium and vitamin D in your daily diet, you could be more susceptible to fractures and an increased chance of suffering from osteoporosis. As with any type of supplement, it is always wise to consult with your physician before taking anything.