5 Ways To Get More Movement Into Your Day

by FitFormula Wellness

Between working a full-time job, playing teacher and parent the last couple of months, and everything in between, it’s easy to say that there isn’t time in the day to work out. On the surface, that may seem relatable, but the truth is that we make time for what is important to us. 

While FitFormula supplies you with the supplements you need to maximize your workouts, we know it can be challenging to find the time. However, it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself mentally and physically. Let’s have some fun with some of these ways that you can add more movement to your day! 

Amazon Fitness Finds

One quick search on Amazon and you will find countless options to add more steps to your workday. If you are at a desk all day, then you know how restless it can get. And some days, it’s just impossible to pull yourself away from work. These Amazon fitness finds bring the workout to your desk:

Upgrade Your Desk Chair

Okay, so you might not consider it an upgrade, per se, but if you’re feeling stuck at your desk all day, swap out your traditional desk chair for an ab ball. Honestly, you might be surprised by how much fun it is to bounce while you finish a task, brainstorm a new idea, or assist your child with homework. You’ll also be burning a few extra calories by making this switch. Sounds good to us!

ab ball desk chair

Ten Minute Workout

These days it’s easier than ever to find short workout options. If you don’t have an hour or thirty minutes to workout, you can find countless workout options on Instagram. Consider something like Joselyn Griffin’s 7-Minute Arm Series. Inspired by SoulCycle arms, this 7-minute workout is short, simple, and burns so good!

arm workout

 You can also find short workouts on the Peloton app or Apple+. 

Take A Walk

Break up the day with a brisk walk. It’s much colder in some areas than others this time of year, but if the weather permits, a quick walk could be just what you need to clear your mind and get some extra steps. Pro tip: if you have a furry companion, bring them along. They will love the extra time bonding with you and exploring the outdoors. You can also make this a part of your weekly routine and include a friend!

Enjoy Some Friendly Competition

Friendly competition is healthy and fun (for the most part!). If you have an Apple Watch or FitBit, you can do weekly challenges with your friends. Beating them shouldn’t be the only thing motivating you to complete your workout and get in your steps, but we would be lying if we said it didn’t help! 

Along those same lines, there are many monthly fitness challenges you can join. They don’t have to be cross-fit level workouts but instead can be fun, quick workouts that help you build a habit. Check out the FitFormula Wellness February Fitness Challenge as a great place to start! 

Start Your Day With Purpose

If you struggle to get your workout in every day, it might be time to reevaluate your mindset. Consider thinking about it as your “me” time and something you do for yourself instead of something you have to do. If you have access to an elliptical or a treadmill, the morning can be a good time to listen to your favorite podcast and get your mind right for the day. It can be quite therapeutic!

Moving your body and regular exercise is a form of self-care. You deserve to feel good mentally and physically. No matter how you choose to get movement into your day, the FitFormula Wellness team is cheering you on!