Why You Still Need a Calcium Supplement With Your Multivitamin

by Peter Bua

Have you ever looked at the supplement fact label of a multivitamin? If not, take a quick look. And while you're looking, notice the amount of calcium in a full serving. You might be surprised to see that the calcium in your multivitamin is considerably below the recommended daily allowance of calcium, which is usually 1000 mg, depending on your age and sex.

This is the case for all multivitamin products and there is a reason for it. In keeping it simple and not getting too scientific, calcium is a very big mineral. So big, in fact, that fitting large amounts of it into a normal size vitamin tablet is impossible. Let alone, a tablet that already has multiple vitamins and minerals in it. When you look at the supplement fact labels of multivitamin products, you will never usually see more than 300 mg of calcium in a full serving. And 300 mg is being generous. It's usually in the range of 70 to 100 mg per full serving! Another reason why there isn’t much calcium in a full serving of a multivitamin is because the more calcium in a tablet, the bigger the tablet will be. Multivitamin tablets are already pretty big in size because of all the different vitamins and minerals. Now imagine the size if there was a full dose of calcium in it too!


In fact, take a look at the leading calcium brand tablets on the market. They all have one thing in common….they’re all huge horse pills! AND when taking a calcium tablet alone without all the other vitamins and minerals, you still need to take 4 tablets in order to get the full serving of required calcium a day. Seems like a lot of work.

So keep in mind that you still need a calcium supplement with your multivitamin because taking a calcium supplement is very important in making sure you get the required daily allowance of calcium. Cal-EZ not only contains the full recommended daily allowance of calcium in one stick pack, but it is also easy to take. Just mix the powdered calcium and vitamin d it into your favorite beverage, soft food, smoothie, or protein shake. And like that, you’ll have your full serving of calcium and no more extra pills to take.

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