Marathon Strength Training

by Josh Becker

Can you believe it, it’s already the middle of July this year is almost over! It has been a long year for me so far, but I hope to end strong and further my training!

Since I //">last posted, a few things have changed. I am further into my workouts now then I was then. I am now swimming over 1,600 meters in the pool, in less than an hour! I have been doing some walking and I finally begged my coach yesterday if she would allow me to start running for 1 minute. I got the go ahead on that. Strength training is moving along quite well and I am using the TRX system at home as well as in class! I am also cycling at the gym on the recumbent bike until I get the release to get back on the saddle.

Guess what, speaking of the saddle, I go to see my doctor next week and I hope and pray he will let me start riding the bike again. I really miss it! I have also decided to add a twist to my training routine and this is something my coach and I discussed last year, and I really want to make an effort to get my upper body stronger. I am going to follow a specific training regimen that involved using strictly your own body weight and that’s it. You would be surprised at what the human body is capable of when you put it to its own use. I am struggling to get the additional weight off that I gained from surgery over the winter/springtime. However, on the upside my weight hasn’t gone up. It's staying steady, but I have dropped my caloric intake quite significantly, so I would like to see the numbers drop.


On a side note, considering I am doing all of the workouts I am doing it’s not surprising if the reason for my weight staying steady is because of muscle growth. Muscle does in fact weigh more than fat. I talked to my coach since I am getting frustrated that the weight isn’t coming off. She asked me about my eating habits and such. While for the most part it’s good, I end up cheating on the weekends and that’s bad. She told me to give her 4 weeks of “CLEAN” eating and she said the weight will come off. This will require some serious discipline but I think I can do it! The plan is to just eat what I have been eating, but NO CHEATING!

Looking forward to August! I will have my decision of whether or not I will be doing Ironman Austin 70.3 again or if I will just do a few small races this season. Until then, be safe have fun and take your calcium!

Disclosure: I receive an athletic scholarship from Cal-EZ. Although I am not able to take Cal-EZ right now because of my participation in a clinical study that mandates I use a different calcium product, my thoughts about Cal-EZ are my own because I believe it is beneficial for people on the go and for those suffering with hypoparathyroidism.

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