Weight Loss for Ironman Training Success

Josh Calcium and Bone Health Leave a Comment

It’s May 19th, and June is just around the corner. I love the summer! I like training in the summers. It’s hard and, yes, it’s HOT, but it is good for me. It always helps me prepare for what’s coming in the Fall/Winter. On a typical training week, I always start off my Monday mornings by getting up and getting on the scale and writing down my weight and resting heart rate. It is really difficult right now since I am not on the training bandwagon yet, because I am still having some small complications. 

I think after the procedure I had last week, we may have just fixed the problem. I am holding out hope! However, back to that dreadful scale. Oh yes, how much I hate it right now! I got on the scale two weeks ago and saw the numbers climb higher than they’ve been in a long time! You know that suspenseful music you hear in a movie? Yeah, insert that with what I just said. It’s horrifying; I have to be at a certain weight to do really well in my races. The heavier I am, the harder it is!


So I instantly messaged my coach pleading with her and telling her I need to fix this. I have 20 lbs I have to lose and this is imperative! She and I have discussed it, and it’s been really hard. We lowered my caloric intake, and I have dropped some weight, but I am not out of the woods yet. I am one of those people when I am sick or when I am recovering and having to take it easy because of pain from some sort of procedure, I eat foods that are not good for me and they make me gain weight. Not only do I do that, but I get into stuff I am actually allergic to and it goes against everything I preach: eating healthy and such. My face is broken out in hives because of some of the things I am getting into.

This was the biggest fear I had in January and that’s why I was so anxious about my recovery and was having such a hard time. I knew in the back of my head that there was a possibility this would happen. It is so easy to gain weight, but to lose it is 10 times harder for the average person. I had an amazing season last year, and I want nothing more than to prove myself and actually have a much better race time for my half Ironman. I am really sore still from my most recent procedure, but I am hoping that perhaps I might be able to start swimming by the last weekend of this month, and I am on target to get back on the bike in June!  At least I will have plenty of energy to burn on the bike. I hope this added weight gain will fall off FAST!


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