Unbreakable Woman: Anabelle Harari

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Recently, we announced the winners of this year’s annual Unbreakable Awards. We were looking for women making a difference through leadership, through pursuing her entrepreneurial goals, or through health and fitness initiatives that impact individuals and communities around her. 

With so many deserving women, we’re highlighting a few more and their stories. This week, we feature Anabelle Harari, whose passion for nutrition has taken her from inner city urban farms, to working with women’s groups in Nepal, to working on anti-hunger policy campaigns in California and more.

Q: In your Unbreakable application you said that you “believe in the power of food to heal, create community, and help people thrive.” Would you expand on what this means to you?

A: Everyone needs to eat! I love that food can be a form of gathering, a medium to share culture, religion, and to unite people around the dinner table. Food can heal, we all know that eating a balanced diet can help prevent chronic disease and live our healthiest lives. We have three opportunities every day to eat something delicious, share it in good company, and be grateful for the blessings in our lives. Eating can be the most spiritual part of one’s day.

Q: You told us that you’d like to one day become an Registered Dietitian so you can “help heal people’s relationships with their food.” In what ways do you think our relationship with food needs to be fixed? And how do you think your holistic approach will help others?

A: Generally speaking, Americans are largely disconnected from the food system. I’ve worked with kids who never knew that tomatoes grew from the ground. While this may be sad for some, I see it as an incredible opportunity to educate and inspire people about where their food comes from. My background in urban farming and gardening education makes me especially passionate about growing food, buying at farmers markets, or supporting a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I believe when we are more connected to our food, we can appreciate it more and hopefully make healthier choices.

Q: In your application you said you want to bridge the gap between mindfulness and nutrition. Are there any simple tips readers can do now to begin to approach food in this way?

A: Absolutely! The simplest way to start is to take a few seconds (!) before you eat. Close your eyes, take a minute to think through where your food came from – it grew from a tiny seed, into a plant that bore fruit, that was harvested by a farmer, and transported to the supermarket, where you picked it up and made something wonderful from it. How incredible is that?! Practicing gratitude can be meditative and will shift your perspective. It only takes a few seconds!

Q: What are you goals for the future? In what ways do you plan to inspire or improve the lives of those around you through these goals?

A: GOALS! I have so many. Become a Registered Dietitian, finish my Masters degree, start my own nutrition counseling business, become a yoga teacher, travel the world, start a family, have my own garden, write a cookbook, the list goes on! I really do hope to inspire people to eat healthier, to live a happy and full life and to show people that it doesn’t need to be super complex or time consuming. If I can inspire someone to plant something, that would be truly magical 🙂