The Caregivers

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Most of us who are sick have a caregiver of some sort: a parent, family member, spouse, nurse, friend or just someone who comes and checks on us. Usually, the point of focus is on the one who is sick because they need assistance of some sort. Focus isn’t on the caregivers.

Caregivers can get overlooked. I know first-hand how the stress in taking care of/helping someone who needs constant attention can wear someone down. At 24, I still need my mom and more than I’d ever thought I’d need her. She rarely has broken down or shown me she was scared. She kept hope when I didn’t, loves me through every weak moment, holds me through the pain, and supports me no matter what. The combo of a parent and caregiver truly makes for a great person, but it takes quite a toll on them too.

Caregivers wear many hats. We have so many needs with a chronic illness, and we rely on them so much. These caregivers do so much, and usually more than we ask for. Sometimes we forget to say thank you.

So this is for the moms, dads, spouses, partners, family members, nurses, assistants, friends and anyone who helps those who need it. THANK YOU, for all that you do. And a special thank you to my mom, who truly has gone, and still goes, above and beyond what any mom should have to do. You rock mom. ❤


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