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8 Reasons Men Absolutely Need Vitamin D

Peter Bua Supplements Leave a Comment

About 40 percent of adults in the US need Vitamin D in their diets to increase, which means they’re missing out on some major health benefits. While everyone could benefit a daily dose of Vitamin D, men in particular should make sure they get enough of this vitamin. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of Vitamin D for men, …

Are you Getting Enough Vitamin D this Winter?

Danielle Omar, MS, RD Calcium and Bone Health Leave a Comment

Many of us don’t get enough calcium and vitamin D, especially during the winter months when there isn’t enough sunlight to stimulate the production of vitamin D from our skin. Vitamin D and calcium are critical for bone health, particularly during adolescence and after age 50. Vitamin D actually helps your body absorb more calcium and recent studies have shown …

Halloween Candy Dilemma – Is it worth it?

Hannah Seda Nutrition, Supplements Leave a Comment

Yes, Halloween candy is delicious and absolutely worth eating, BUT in moderation of course. If you’re an adult who regularly exercises and eats right– treat yo self! But if you’re a parent, worried about your child’s nutrition and their candy consumption, you’re right to be concerned.  Children need proper nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamin D, before filling up on candy.