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FitFormula Announces Five New Products!

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Fit Formula Wellness is excited to announce the addition of five brand new products to our family of ever-growing vitamins and dietary supplements. We are confident that these newest items will provide our customers the tools needed to pursue healthy, fit, well-functioning, and strong bodies. Start the new decade off right – with a healthy and satisfying lifestyle! Our five …

Good Fatty Acids

Good Fatty Acids and the Best Way to Get Them in Your Diet

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If you’ve been staring at that giant bottle of fish oil pills in your medicine cabinet, dreading taking the next pill, you’re not alone. Though many people are aware of the benefits of the good fatty acids found in fish oil, not everyone relishes the idea of taking it in pill form. Fortunately, there are other ways to get daily …

How to Stay On Track with Your Goals Beyond the New Year

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One common theme in the new year is the resolution to get healthy. Another common theme is that those healthier lifestyles tend to revert back to the way they were within the first couple weeks to a month of the new year. Goal setting may seem hard, but it’s really a lot easier than you think. With the right structure …

My Well-Rounded List of Supplements for Fitness

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As an athlete, eating well-rounded, healthy meals is crucial to keeping your body in tip-top shape, and in keeping all your organs functioning to support you in your sport. Even though we may exercise regularly, stay hydrated, and eat all the right things, sometimes it isn’t enough on its own for one reason or another. Supplements can help bridge the …

Preventing the Negative Effects of Exercise

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Image by Take Back Your Health Conference 2015 LA We all know how important exercising is for your health. Yet what some don’t know is that despite all the positive health benefits from exercising, exercise can take a negative toll on your body if you don’t properly use the best recovery methods. In fact, in order to see truly great …