Benefits of Probiotics

4 Benefits of Probiotics

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Keeping your body healthy is a balancing act, as it involves ensuring you get enough of the good things and avoid the bad. This is especially true when it comes to bacteria. You want to limit the amount of bad bacteria in your system while keeping the good bacteria, and that’s where probiotics come in! Probiotics are simply supplements and …

The one superfood you should eat everyday: Apples

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As the saying goes…an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples are one of the original superfoods. They pack a powerful antioxidant punch, are rich with vitamins and minerals, and are a great source of fiber. This delicious and versatile fruit does it all! Apples & Their Health Benefits GUT HEALTH & REDUCED HEART DISEASE RISK Apples are a …

Fermented Foods: What Are They? Plus 11 Recipes

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Our bodies are made up of 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells. Good bacteria and other microbes live in our digestive tract and throughout our entire body. Our guts alone are home to over 100 trillion bacteria! That’s right, trillion. This collective mass of bacteria is called the “microbiome.” The health of your immune system is directly related …