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Lactose Intolerant—Here are Five Ways to Get the Calcium You Need

Peter Bua Nutrition Leave a Comment

Dairy tends to be the go-to source of calcium for many people, but if you’re lactose intolerant, you’ve got a whole different challenge. The good news is that dairy is far from the only way to get calcium in your diet. In fact, there are plenty of lactose-free, calcium-rich foods available for the lactose intolerant. Here are just a few …

8 Foods You Fear But Shouldn’t

Danielle Omar, MS, RD Calcium and Bone Health 11 Comments

Are there foods out there you’re not so sure about? You’ve heard they’re unhealthy to eat regularly and you’ve been avoiding them like the plague, only to hear on the news that they’re actually good for you. As a dietitian, it’s something I’m asked about all the time, especially when I’m the one being seen happily enjoying these said foods. …