businesses are big on supplements

There’s a Reason Businesses are Big on Supplements—Consumers are All In

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The dietary supplement market is big, and it’s only getting bigger. In fact, in 2016, it was valued at nearly $133 billion, and it’s likely to reach $220 billion by 2022. So it’s no wonder many businesses are now interested in getting a piece of the supplement pie! If you’re wondering what‘s led to this growth, the answer lies in …

Wedding Series: The Case Against Shredding for the Wedding

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Preparing for a wedding can be a stressful time. The details, the family, and making sure everything goes according to plan take a lot of foresight and thought. This doesn’t even take into account the physical prep that many brides do to make sure they look their best on that special day. Wanting to get in shape for your wedding …

7 Strategies for Eating Healthy on a Budget

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In an ideal world, it would be fabulous to visit the aspirational organic supermarket and fill our carts with organic-only produce, artisanal nut butters, free-range cage-free eggs and sustainably sourced meats and fish. For many of us, dropping an entire paycheck on the kinds of foods that fancy labels indicate is probably better for us is impractical. Additionally, there is …

7 Dietitian-approved Sweet and Healthy Recipes to Try

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Valentine’s Day may be long gone for this year, but who’s to say you can’t still treat your loved ones to a fancy home-cooked meal? There’s no better way to say “I love you” any day of the year than by cooking delicious food for family, friends, or your significant other. As a dietitian, I like to look out for the …

We won a Clean Eating magazine Clean Choice Award!

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After months of testing more than 1,000 different products, Clean Eating magazine has finally announced their 100 picks for their annual Clean Choice award. Guess what? This year, Cal-EZ was one of the “//”>100 exemplary picks” chosen to receive the award and we couldn’t be more excited! Winning this award is no small feat. Products are examined from the inside …

3 Clean Soup Recipes for a Cold Day

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While we await spring’s arrival, when it comes to our wellness routines the team at Cal-EZ is all about maximizing and working with the remaining days of winter, not fighting it!  That means brisk outdoor runs in our favorite winter running gear, reacquainting ourselves with the treadmill when it’s too cold outside and filling up on delicious and equally nutritious …


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Turmeric has been used for centuries in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, but now it’s becoming more popular in the United States, and for good reason. In addition to flavor, color, and preserve foods, the spice is also a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric contains a substance called Curcumin, which is largely responsible for its antioxidant powers. Studies have shown …

5 tips for starting your clean eating journey today

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By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “clean eating.” It’s one of those words that’s become synonymous with being healthy. But what does it mean to eat clean?   Simply put, clean eating means choosing whole, natural foods that are minimally refined. It doesn’t involve removing entire food groups from your diet, restricting calories, or depriving yourself. It’s about …

The Ultimate Fall Produce Guide + 8 Must Try Fall Recipes

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It seems like it happens overnight…the days get a little shorter, there’s a chill in the air, and before you know it, fall is here! From brussels sprouts to honey crisp apples to pumpkin, I love the bounty of nutritious in-season vegetables that fall brings to my plate (not to mention calcium rich vegetables such as kale and broccoli). The best way …

Nutrition is Essential

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This was the final week taking Danielle Omar’s //” target=”_blank”>Nourish: 21 Days of Clean Eating program. For the last few weeks, I brought you along from prep week (and tossing tons of non-nourish foods) to going vegan for a week, to seeing big changes in my body. This week was the culmination of all my learnings, the most enriching week …

If Your Body Hates Detox, You’re Doing It Right

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This has been the first “real” week of doing Danielle’s phenomenal //” target=”_blank”>Nourish: 21 Days of Cleansing program. It’s been a tough week; this week makes last week’s caffeine withdrawal seem like a cake walk. Only eating raw (uncooked) super veggies like kale and collard greens, accompanied with homemade dressings gave my body a big shock, and then… bliss.

Preparing for 21 Days of Cleansing

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If you remember way back a week ago, we hosted a giveaway where two winners got a seat in //” target=”_blank”>Danielle’s Nourish: 21 Days of Cleansing Program! It’s a hard core detoxing plan, where you spend four weeks (one week prep + three weeks on a specific meal plan) rebuilding your body and lifestyle.  I am so happy I also …

[EXTENDED] Win a Seat in the Nourish: 21 Days of Clean Eating Program!

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* UPDATE: We extended the deadline to 12PM Eastern on Thursday, April 14th! There’s still time to enter! Get excited––because we are! We teamed up with registered dietitian and frequent contributor to our blog, Danielle Omar, to bring you the latest and greatest giveaway yet! Two lucky winners will get to participate in Danielle’s exclusive //” target=”_blank”> 21-day Nourish clean eating …