Switching from Ironman to Olympic Race Training

Josh Calcium and Bone Health Leave a Comment

Can you believe summer is close to being over!? So this month has been a crazy up and down roller coaster for me. Certain things are going well for me athletic wise, other things not so much. One of the things I was most worried about with all the surgeries I had was if the complications took too long for us to fix would it hinder my ability to perform and train for a late season half ironman. Those concerns caught up with me. This week my coach and I decided that it would be best that I do not do a Half Ironman this season. Unfortunately the rapid increase in distance for running is a big issue for me, I am a high risk for injuries while running. My blog is a little late because of all the pondering, what ifs, what do I do, etc, have been going on in my head. On the other hand, there is good news. I will be doing a few small races locally here. I think we are going to aim for 2 Olympic distance races. The plan is to continue the training regimen that worked so well for me last year, and train consistently in the winter time. I took last winter off: I will not be doing that this year.


In my strength training class, we are doing this program for another 2 more months where we have a strength challenge. After the class we weigh up on the scale. Earlier this month I weighed in and my numbers hadn’t changed at all, but my coach reviewed my profile I have gained 10lbs of muscle in the past year! Trying to stay focused on my diet and eat right. It’s much easier said than done. We have also added more running to my training; I am now up to just over 4 miles. More good news! I am now officially back on the bike, oh I have missed riding so much! It’s so nice to just be out on the bike again! Obviously my swimming is just about where it needs to be. I just need to strengthen my shoulders, which is now an added workout 2 times a week. I am looking forward to 2016 and furthering my training, I expect to have a strong winter training seasons, with a lot of training indoors. I might have to actually get used to riding in the cold weather and bundle up as I need to get out once in a while.

Last but not least is my health. My health is doing ok. I feel good. I have no complaints. However, my kidneys have decided to have a mind of their own. I have several kidney stones in both kidneys. One of the stones has gotten big enough that my doctor is worried it will try to pass. I might have to have a lithotripsy in the near future. I just emailed my endocrinologist some information about it because I want to know if he wants me to seek another opinion. Next month I will let you know what happens with my kidney if we do the procedure or not. Also, look forward to September. I might be doing a last minute race at the end of the month. I will tell you about it in the next blog!


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