Sugar Shock? Taking Calcium and Vitamin D When You’re Diabetic

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Recently, we talked about vitamin D and diabetes. And that got me thinking. So what happens when you don’t like to swallow pills? Or you have a hard time swallowing pills? Or if you have dysphagia? How do you get your calcium and vitamin D? There are ways to get calcium other than in a pill, such as in soft chews, gummies, or dissolvables. These are great options, but what about when you have diabetes? Could you still take these alternatives to pills when you have to worry about maintaining blood sugar levels? So, I looked into some of these non-pill forms of calcium and vitamin D to see if you could.


Most of the calcium and vitamin D soft chews, gummies, and dissolvables contain sugar and/or corn syrup. Not very diabetic friendly. So for the people needing or wanting a sugar-free alternative of calcium and vitamin D, there are sugar-free versions available. But then you’re still putting sucralose or acesulfame in your body. These artificially created sweeteners do help those with diabetes manage their sugar levels, even though there is debate going on about the low sugar foods. But then there’s one sneaky brand I found: a name brand chewable claiming to be sugar free, yet on the label it contains sugar. Why would a sugar-free product still have sugar in it? So again, I looked into it. Did you know that even if a product is labeled sugar free, it can contain up to 0.5 g sugars per reference amounts customarily consumed (RACC) and per labeled serving (or for meals and main dishes, less than 0.5 g per labeled serving). So keep this in mind when looking at total sugars consumed, especially when taking in multiple servings. (And just FYI, if the label names things like honey, it can still be considered “sugar free” even though it’s going to be sweet.)

With Cal-EZ, there are no pills to take and no chewing necessary, and there are no sweeteners, natural or artificial, to worry about. Cal-EZ only has 2 ingredients: 1,000 mg of calcium and 1,000IU of vitamin D in powder form. Here at Cal-EZ we believe in providing calcium and vitamin D without any fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, binders, additives with names you can’t pronounce, and especially, sugar. It is gluten free, vegetarian, and kosher certified. Pure calcium and pure vitamin D. That’s what makes Cal-EZ, Pure.Simple.Proven.