FitFormula Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin DFitFormula Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D

FitFormula’s Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D

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We’ve made it easy to get your daily dose of Calcium + Vitamin D! Simply open the package, pour on tongue, and it will quickly and easily dissolve. Can also be dissolved in water or other liquid, if preferred. Also available in unflavored.


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Each packet of Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D contains the following:

  • Calcium: 1,000 mg (77% daily value)
  • Vitamin D: 25 mcg (125% daily value)
  • Sugar Alcohol: 1 g

Suggested Use
Use one stick packet of FitFormula Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D Formula daily. Pour contents of one stick packet directly onto tongue, let dissolve before swallowing.

Our Individually Packaged Blueberry Flavored Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement is Perfect for:

  • People who are constantly on the go, just throw a single serving in your bag and you don’t even need water to mix it with, just pour it in your mouth.
  • Lactose intolerant children and adults.
  • Picky eaters, especially kids because they can pour it in their mouth like candy.
  • People who struggle with swallowing large pills and experience occasional constipation.
  • Runners or athletes who experience stress fractures and need a quick pour into their bottled water.
  • People suffering from osteoporosis.

*Consult your physician before taking supplements.

Calcium and vitamin D are important not only to our overall health, but our bones as well. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to get enough of these important nutrients. Calcium helps keep bones strong and healthy, reducing the chance of fractures and osteoporosis. Calcium also supports proper nerve, heart, and muscle function.

Our bodies requires vitamin D to efficiently absorb the calcium provided through calcium supplements and diet. When used daily, Fit Formula’s Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D packets provide all of the calcium and vitamin D needed to maintain healthy bones, prevent bone loss, and support nerve, muscle, and heart function.

FitFormula’s unique calcium powder comes in convenient, easy-to-use packets. Each packet of our Blueberry-Flavored Calcium and Vitamin D supplement provides 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 25 micrograms of vitamin D. This is just enough to maintain healthy bones and ensure adequate absorption of calcium by the body. Each packet can be split into two servings to enable optimal absorption.

Our direct-dissolve calcium powder absorbs faster and better than the leading over-the-counter calcium citrate tablet. FitFormula’s Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D is easier to swallow than pills and other forms of calcium and vitamin D supplements. Our flavorful calcium powder dissolves directly on the tongue or when mixed with juice or water. Many people choose to mix our calcium and vitamin D supplement in their morning smoothie.

FitFormula’s Blueberry-Flavored Calcium + Vitamin D powder contains no fillers, preservatives, sugar, sodium, or calories. Our calcium powder is gluten free and vegetarian, making it safe for use by adults, children, and seniors, even those with dietary restrictions. Although beneficial to both men and women, our blueberry-flavored calcium powder makes an excellent calcium supplement for women. When used regularly, our calcium and vitamin D supplement helps prevent the development of osteoporosis in older adults.