Peter Bua

CEO, Director, Product Formulations & Development


I’ve been passionate about fitness and nutrition my whole life and take great pride in nourishing and fine-tuning my own physical strength. This is what led to my success in the two personal training/ fitness businesses I created and ran for a number of years and ultimately what set me on the path in the nutrition and wellness space.

I believe in healthy, fit, well-functioning, strong bodies and I love helping people live healthier, more satisfying lives. That’s why I’m committed to always learning, always researching, and always experimenting. I’m also an advocate of the importance of consumer education, and always working to be a trusted resource for our clients and others interested in health and wellness information. The only thing I’m more passionate about is the the transparency and purity of the products we humans put into our bodies and, as a natural extension, the products my company works to develop.

My mantra as it relates to nutrition is simple: Diet first. But my experience, combined with research and data from both individual clients as well as numerous focus groups over the years, has shown that it’s often difficult for individuals to obtain the nutrition that they need from diet alone. That’s why my focus, and our focus at FitFormula, is on helping consumers understand the basics of good nutrition, what foods can deliver nutrients the body needs, and the role that supplements play in providing optimum nourishment.

A bit of my back story is probably in order. I became immersed in the nutrition and wellness space while heading up product development for the Belgium-based pharmaceutical company, Besins Healthcare. While there, I created and marketed a line of pure, artificial additives-free dietary supplements to address multiple healthcare needs of both men and women. With the experience gained from this work, we created Fit Formula Wellness with a goal of developing a small portfolio of pure, standardized nutraceuticals and supplements to improve both the functional and physical health of people of all ages.

I strongly believe that health and a functional lifestyle go hand in hand. I work hard to live this philosophy myself daily, and truly believe optimal mental and physical fitness is only as good as what we put in our bodies. At the day’s end, I am committed to helping consumers get the education they need about nutrition and fitness, and helping ensure their nutritional and functional needs are optimized in the way that makes the most sense for their lifestyle. Healthy, fit, strong, well-functioning bodies are what it’s all about for me, and helping people achieve that is what I wake up every day thinking about.