Jay Bua



I launched my healthcare career some 30 years ago, and have always been passionate about exploring innovative technologies focusing on drug delivery and finding alternative strategies to foster health and wellness. Why? That’s simple: The easier a medication or supplement is to take, the greater the chance that people will actually take it, when they’re supposed to, and in the amounts and at the times they are supposed to. That’s what led me to the formation of FitFormula Wellness, and our initial flagship product offering: FitFormula’s Cal-EZ, Calcium + Vitamin D.

I spent many years focused on women’s health and helping to deliver medications for consumers in a more effective manner. Someone once described me as a ‘creative reinventor’ in the women’s health industry, and I took that as a compliment of the highest order. When I see things that aren’t right, or which aren’t serving consumers the way I think they should, I am relentless about figuring out how to reinvent those things and deliver solutions that work.

In that vein, I’ve long been an advocate for better delivery, purity of ingredients, and ‘smarter’ vitamin, mineral, and functional formulations that speak directly to a consumer’s desire to be and stay healthy, fit, and strong—across all life stages. I am passionate about providing solutions, for consumers and their families that allow them to achieve maximum nutritional benefits with a modicum of effort. I’m proud to say that all the products I have ever been involved in developing have had this in common: Maximum benefit, minimum fuss.

I spend a lot of time learning, talking with our customers, and exploring what’s important to them as it relates to health and wellness. I understand that today’s consumers hold the reins when it comes to their individual wellness journeys, as well as the health of their families. They want to be able to easily educate themselves where needed, quickly obtain the information and the solutions they seek, and manage their health and fitness where possible without hassle or unnecessary doctors’ office visits.

I believe that as the company’s product portfolio grows, a key imperative is to ensure that products address the mind-body connection, or what I like to call ‘complete wellness.’ For our team at FitFormula, wellness is about infinitely more than being free from illness—it’s about being well-informed and making choices that allow a fulfilling, healthy life. Complete wellness is about physical, social, and mental well-being. It’s about reducing stress, reducing the risk of illness, getting enough sleep, keeping the gut healthy, and about keeping the body and the mind in an optimal state. Striving for complete wellness is the formula for living the very best life, and that’s my goal—helping people live their very best lives.

I’m a simple man, and my own wellness regimen is likewise simple: Staying healthy requires a commitment to work-life balance and passion for what you do. I believe that when it comes to health in general, we have a lack of innovation within the commercial marketplace. This has created a staid environment that largely ignores creative research and it also largely ignores consumer desires and preferences. More importantly, it fails to address the needs of of consumers in general, and it really fails to address the needs of an aging population. Since our aging population is already a large group, and one that is only growing larger, I figure there’s no better person than me to focus on this and no better person to help effect change.

My team and I at FitFormula Wellness have exciting things on the horizon. We aim to use passion, innovative delivery methods, and clear understanding of both what’s possible within the marketplace as well as what our customers tell us they want and need to turn the supplement industry upside down.