Marathon Training: Grateful through the struggles

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Wow, life has been crazy since my last blog post. It seems like the saying, “when it rains it pours” is very applicable. Every time things started to settle down, something else reared its ugly head and demanded my attention. Needless to say my fitness goals continued to be less of a priority. Sometimes it just has to be that way.

That being said, I did run a 5k race, and although it was not a personal record (PR), it still was a great opportunity to dust off my racing shoes and get back out there.

While I was toeing the start line I kept thinking about where I am today and where I used to be and I felt grateful that I was running the race, even though I knew I wasn’t really trained for it.

Sometimes that’s all it takes: just thinking back to how life once felt. I used to feel really sick and I was so tired I could barely stay awake. I used to struggle to walk up the stairs and would quickly get out of breath. My calcium levels used to plummet with any movement and I would feel like I couldn’t get ahead. That is how it used to be. And when I realize that, I am able to accept that although things are not ideal right now, they are better than they once were.


Over the next few months I will be ramping up my training to get ready for some bigger races. In May, I will be racing in the Vermont City Marathon Relay (2-Person, we each run a half marathon). In June, I’ll be participating in my first Triathlon and will race two more triathlons over the summer. In October, I will be racing in the Chicago Marathon. Between now and then I will continue to refocus and not let setbacks hold me back or stop me from progress. Training for an endurance event requires a great deal of flexibility and an acceptance when things don’t go the way you had planned. Much like life. Today, I’m happy and grateful for where I am and how I feel in this very moment. I know there will continue to be hills to climb but I also know that I have an incredible foundation that will help me weather any storms ahead.

Don’t stress over your struggles, learn from them and move forward. Right now, take this moment to write down 3 things or people that you are grateful for. Remember these 3 things when you are feeling down or frustrated. I assure you, this will help.

Disclosure: Cal-EZ is supporting me financially through an athletic sponsorship; however, I was taking Cal-EZ prior to receiving the sponsorship because it works!

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