June health and fitness links we love

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Every month, the Cal-EZ team scours the web to round up the latest in health, fitness and nutrition so you don’t have to. Click on the links below to read more about:

  • Becoming a runner after the age of 55: In this Prevention magazine piece, read about three inspiring individuals who laced up their running shoes later in life. They prove that later doesn’t mean too late. (Prevention magazine)

  • The healthy summer foods you should add to your plate: When the temperature heats up, stay cool and fill up on the season’s nutritious bounty.  (EatingWell)

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  • Running while pregnant: Six-time national track & field champion Alysia Montaño is applauded for crossing the finish line of a national race in last place. (SELF)

  • The best hotel gyms with a view: These hotels around the world boast incredible views from their fitness rooms, in case you’re in need of some extra motivation to get moving. (Well+Good)