Ironman Dream: Postponed Not Forgotten

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Unfortunately, I am going to start the blog with sad news. I tried to get into Kona this season, and I did not make it through in the lottery. However, with this being said, it turns out to be a blessing. When you consider the setbacks that I have had this season so far with surgery complications, it is a better thing for me to not have that weight on my shoulders to have to complete a full Ironman this season. That does not mean that I will not do an Ironman in the future. I will get to Kona; the question is when will I get there? I haven’t given up on my season yet. I hope I can do a Half Ironman this season, still I presume it will be in the late fall. If the timing is not good the plan will be to do several smaller races, and I will train throughout the winter of this year and prepare to do any early spring race next season. I might try to do Ironman 70.3 in Austin one more time, since it is in November and that allows me plenty of time to train.


Update on my health

I am doing well. I still need to lose 15 lbs or so. I am still having a slight complication from my surgery and that I hope will be fixed in 2 weeks. As for this week, I am going to start getting back into my strength training and I am going to start doing short walks. I am so anxious to get back out and train. One of the key things to focus on when you get back to training is taking it slow, especially after a certain amount of time off. I have to be really careful when I start back because my body does not acclimate very well. As always, listen to your body and don’t push it beyond its limits.

In the process of writing this blog I actually was able to get a few days of strength training in and walking! My core is definitely sore, but it is the good kind of soreness. Walking felt great for me! I am glad to finally slowly be coming around. The goal is to slowly increase my workouts as we go. I just have to be extremely patient.  I am so anxious to get back on my bike. I look at it every day pulling in and out of my garage. Look forward to my next blog I will be talking about some of things I am doing to get back in shape. See you in May!

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