How much Cal-EZ should I take?

Jim Sliney, Jr. Calcium and Bone Health Leave a Comment

When taking calcium supplements, the recommended dietary allowances are a good starting place but it’s not unusual for doctors to prescribe more or less depending on lab test results or specific needs. When trying Cal-EZ calcium and vitamin D supplement for the first time, you should work with your doctor to get you started on the right dose. You can do that by testing the amount of calcium in your blood both before and after you start Cal-EZ and by paying close attention to your body. For patients with high calcium requirements it’s probably safest to start off matching milligram for milligram.








Studies have shown that the calcium absorption of Cal-EZ’s powdered calcium carbonate is better than calcium citrate tablets so you may end up finding that you don’t need as much Cal-EZ as you did of your previous calcium. That is also in part because the powdered vitamin D in Cal-EZ is proven to help your body absorb calcium more efficiently. In this way, Cal-EZ may also help you address low vitamin D levels which, once normalized, can help elevate calcium levels.

So be prepared to start by using the same dose you were using with your previous calcium supplement, but work with your doctor to get some labs done and pay close attention to changes in signs and symptoms and you may find that your dosing requirements will change over time.

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