Get Moving With Ryan: Chicago Marathon Countdown

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Run_With_Ryan_Chicago_CountdownIn last month’s blog post, I mentioned that we are starting the countdown to the Chicago Marathon. WOW, I cannot believe that here we are with just over 10 weeks to go! Training has been going well and I have been feeling pretty confident. I am noticing my paces are increasing and I’m injury free, a great place to be with a marathon around the corner. I have also lost 6 of the 12 lbs I wanted to lose, and with 10 weeks to go, I am confident I will hit my weight loss target. I feel unstoppable!

I regularly get requests from you, my readers, about how to start exercising, what to eat, etc. This is especially important for those of you with HypoPara, because having a calcium crash isn’t fun. I have spent years training my body to withstand the demands of exercise, it did not happen overnight. The good news is you can do it too!

I have teamed up with my friends at Cal-EZ to start a Countdown to Chicago blog designed to inspire and motivate you to start (or continue) living a healthy lifestyle. This blog will be separate from my regular Cal-EZ blogging to provide more focused (and regular) updates on my training as well as tips/tricks to help YOU get started.

In the blog you will find

  • Regular updates on my progress
  • Weekly “Get Moving with Ryan” posts/instructions to help you start working out
  • Nutrition Guidelines and Strategies
  • Opportunities to receive a FREE box of Cal-EZ
  • An announcement (later in August) about a free exercise/fitness webinar
  • Much More

If you have been looking for some motivation/encouragement to get moving OR to keep motivated, please come on by the Countdown to Chicago blog and subscribe and, more importantly, comment. My journey to Chicago isn’t just for me; it’s for all of us. Let’s SMASH our goals and make our dreams come true.

Disclosure: Cal-EZ is supporting me financially through an athletic sponsorship; however, I was taking Cal-EZ prior to receiving the sponsorship because it works!

Want to see how Cal-EZ can help you while you run? Click below to try Cal-EZ free and then let us know what you think.

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