Tracking your period

Want to Start Tracking Your Period? These are the Best Apps for That

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There are apps for everything, but we all know that a period doesn’t always arrive when you expect it. More importantly, we’re all crazy busy, so it’s easy to forget the day Mother Nature is going to come knocking on your door with her special dose of monthly joy. So, there’s every reason to start tracking your period, now, what’s …

Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness Matters to Your Health and Well-Being

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Life is full of stressors for the typical adult these days. There’s pressure to succeed at work, be the perfect parent, reach fitness goals, maintain relationships, fulfill lifelong goals, and more. Basically, it’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed! Most people are at some point. But that doesn’t mean you have to just accept it. Instead, you can get some serenity …

how to be confident

The Science Behind Confidence

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Confidence is a great trait to have. When you’re confident, you’re just more excited and energized regardless of which challenges you’re taking on. That, in turn, can lead to more persistence and less hesitation as you tackle your goals—which can make you more likely to succeed! But having confidence doesn’t come easily to everyone. If you’re not feeling very self-assured …

body confidence

Body Confidence Rocks — So Love and Celebrate Your Body Exactly as It Is

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Body confidence rocks, but sometimes it feels easier to focus on the negative aspects of our bodies rather than on all the positive features. You probably know all too well what I mean. It’s incredibly common for people to focus on the minutiae: How much they weigh, how big their thighs are, how many wrinkles they have, how they wish …

Every Kid Healthy Week

Every Kid Healthy Week — Ensuring Your Kid Leads a Healthy Life

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It’s the last week of April, which means it’s Every Kid Healthy Week! If you’re not sure what that is, it’s a yearly observance that focuses on what schools are doing to keep kids healthy in numerous ways, from improved nutrition to more physical activity. Basically, this is the week to recognize—and build on—any school’s accomplishments related to health and …

Sleeping Better at Night with Yoga [and Other Things]

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Insomnia is a common issue, and one that far too many people struggle with on a regular basis. Does that describe you? Want to sleep better at night without relying on prescription drugs that can mess you up? The good news is that insomnia can be managed, and there are a number of things you can do for sleeping better …

Yes You Can Still Exercise While Pregnant, Here’s How

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According to James Pivarnik, the vice president of the American College of Sports Medicine, “physicians aren’t trained to counsel pregnant women about exercise.” This means that there’s often a lot of misinformation surrounding what pregnant women can and can’t do. A general guideline is that if you were active before becoming pregnant, you should continue to remain active while pregnant. …

Avoid these 3 sweeteners and what to use instead

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Let’s talk sugar. At this point, we all know that excess sugar isn’t good for your health. It’s linked to diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, obesity, and more – and we’re all looking for ways we can cut it back without swearing off dessert forever. When you have a sweet tooth, eating healthy and avoiding excess sugar can seem impossible. …

August Health and Fitness Links We Love

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Every month, we round up the latest in health, fitness and nutrition so you don’t have to. Click on the links below to read more about:   Which items from Costco can help promote weight loss: Advice from top dietitians, including Cal-EZ’s own Danielle Omar (Women’s Health) What the aging community’s top experts are talking about: Top of mind topics include …

How to Eat Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants

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You probably know that fast food restaurants shouldn’t be your first pick when seeking out a healthy meal, but sometimes they can be your only option. The good news is that many fast food restaurants have rolled out menus with healthier options. Salads are a major health trend nowadays, and more fast food places specializing in salad bowls are popping …