Classic Calcium + Vitamin D

Classic Calcium + Vitamin D
Flavorless, tasteless, quickly and easily dissolved.


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Our Individually Packaged Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement is Perfect for:

  • People who are constantly on the go, just throw a single serving in your bag and you don’t even need water to mix it with, just pour it in your mouth.  
  • People who struggle with swallowing large pills and experience occasional constipation
  • Runners or athletes who experience stress fractures and need a quick pour into their bottled water
  • People suffering from osteoporosis
  • Menopausal women 
  • Pregnant women

*Consult your physician before taking supplements.

Maintaining good health is important to every person at every age. While the body requires a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to keep it healthy, calcium and vitamin D are vital for strong bones.

Although we obtain many important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from a healthy diet, studies show that most people do not get enough calcium to grow and maintain healthy bones. This is especially true for children and older adults. Taking a high quality calcium and vitamin D supplement like FitFormula Classic Calcium + Vitamin D powder helps ensure adequate intake of these important nutrients.

Calcium assists with proper heart, muscle, and nerve function. It also helps keep our bones strong and healthy. Inadequate calcium intake is associated with low bone mass and an increased chance of osteoporosis and fractures.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. When the body doesn’t get enough Vitamin D, it takes calcium from the stores in our bones. This weakens existing bone and prevents strong, healthy bones from forming.

Our FitFormula Classic Calcium and Vitamin D Supplement makes it easy to get your daily dose of calcium and vitamin D. Our calcium powder dissolves quickly on the tongue or when mixed with juice or water. This tasteless powder provides 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 25 micrograms of vitamin D. Our calcium and vitamin D supplement is safe for use by children, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

You can take our easy-to-use calcium and vitamin D supplements anywhere you go. Each individually wrapped calcium powder package contains your daily requirement of both calcium and vitamin D. You can split the powder between two doses to maximize calcium absorption.

When used daily as a calcium supplement for women, our FitFormula calcium powder helps prevent osteoporosis by keeping bones healthy. This is important at any age but especially during adolescence and the years surrounding menopause.