The Ultimate Fall Produce Guide + 8 Must Try Fall Recipes

by Danielle Omar, MS, RD
The Ultimate Fall Produce Guide + 8 Must Try Fall Recipes


It seems like it happens overnight...the days get a little shorter, there’s a chill in the air, and before you know it, fall is here! From brussels sprouts to honey crisp apples to pumpkin, I love the bounty of nutritious in-season vegetables that fall brings to my plate (not to mention calcium rich vegetables such as kale and broccoli). The best way to get the most flavor from your fall fruits and vegetables is to eat locally and in season. By buying locally grown produce you can guarantee you're eating the freshest, most readily available food (which is easier on your wallet and better for the environment). To make it even easier for you, your friends at //">Cal-EZ put together this go-to ultimate produce guide of fruits and vegetables you'll find in-season right now!

Now that you know what produce to put on your grocery list, it's time to figure out what to make with all of these delicious ingredients. Don't worry we have you covered here too. Check out our 8 must try fall inspired recipes below. Each recipe incorporates delicious in-season ingredients from our fall produce guide. We hope these recipes inspire you to get in the kitchen and have some fun!

1. //" target="_blank">Easy Pumpkin Spice Truffles

fall pumpkin spice truffles cal-ez recipe

I love a good no-bake bite and these tasty pumpkin spice truffles certainly satisfy. Not only are they melt in your mouth delicious, they’re an easy way to get your pumpkin fix this fall (without the empty calories and sugar of fall favorites like //" target="_blank">Starbuck's famous pumpkin spice latte aka PSL)

2. //" target="_blank">Pumpkin Apple Pie Overnight Oats

fall calcium-rich apple and pumpkin oatmeal

Apple season is the first sign of fall. With these overnight oats you get the best of pumpkin and apples in a fiber-rich, vitamin D fortified breakfast that will keep you satisfied all morning long.

3. //" target="_blank">Vegetarian Mole and Sweet Potato Enchiladas

fall recipe vegetarian mole

These flavorful mole sweet potato enchiladas are not only a delicious vegetarian dinner, they also provide a healthy dose of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene converts to vitamin A in the body and is responsible for the orange pigment that gives sweet potatoes their color. We need vitamin A for healthy skin and mucus membranes, a healthy immune system, and optimal eye health. Sweet potatoes are also very high in fiber so they keep you full and satisfied.

4. //" target="_blank">Apple Carrot Farro and Rice Salad

fall recipe - apple carrot and farro rice salad

This super tasty fall-inspired grain salad combines apples, carrot, and farro. Like most whole grains, farro is a great source of fiber. It actually contains more fiber than other popular grains like rice and quinoa. Farro is also high in protein and supplies more than 10 different vitamins and minerals!

5. //" target="_blank">Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Avocado Cream

roasted brussel sprouts and avocado crema - cal-ez fall recipe

Roasting brussels sprouts not only brings out their sweet nutty flavor, but takes almost no effort at all in the kitchen! Full of cancer-preventing glucosinolates and high in fiber, vitamin A, C and K and magnesium, they are one of healthiest foods you can add to your fall plate. The avocado cream in this recipe makes this a crave-worthy side dish!

6. //" target="_blank">Vegan Minestrone Butternut Squash

vegan minestrone fall recipe

Butternut squash is one of the star ingredients in this hearty fall minestrone soup. Packed with Vitamin A, one cup provides over 400% of your daily needs. This delicious soup is a natural nutrient powerhouse and a warming bowl of goodness on a crisp fall day!

7. //" target="_blank">Chipotle Chili with Tempeh and Butternut Squash

chipolte chili with tempeh and butternut squash - fall recipe

Tempeh is the star in this fall-inspired butternut squash chili. Tempeh is a fermented food that is great for keeping your gut healthy. It’s also a great meat substitute since it has the same protein quality as meat and it's a great source of B vitamins.

8. //" target="_blank">Crispy Turmeric Roasted Potatoes

turmeric fall recipe

//" target="_blank">Turmeric is a medicinal spice. It’s been well researched as an antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric and is a powerful anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation as well as ibuprofen! These tasty roasted potatoes are a great way to incorporate turmeric into your diet!

What are your favorite in season fall ingredients? Which of these fall recipes are you going to try first?