The Connection Between Calcium and Muscle Cramps

by Cal-EZ Team

Man touching his thigh during running because of pain stock photo

I don’t know about you, but the only time I had muscle cramps was when I was pregnant. In fact, I only had one leg cramp with each pregnancy. Lucky me, right? My husband, on the other hand, suffers with muscle cramps all the time. Sometimes he wakes me up with all the twisting, turning, and flopping in the bed that he does. So I wanted to figure out what was causing his leg and foot cramps so I can get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Everyone knows that muscle cramps are caused by low potassium. In fact, I never really thought about other causes for my husband’s leg cramps until I started making sure he was eating //">high potassium foods and that still didn’t stop the muscle cramps. That's when I started looking for //">other causes.

I never would have thought that low calcium causes leg cramps until I started working with FitFormula Classic Calcium + Vitamin D and heard it in a staff meeting one day. And that was the light bulb moment for me. I went home and made sure my husband was eating calcium rich foods and made him take FitFormula Classic Calcium + Vitamin D. And you may be thinking I made him take FitFormula Classic Calcium + Vitamin D because I work here. Well, you are only partly correct. I do work here, but my husband has the hardest time remembering to take pills. He’s low in vitamin D and can’t remember to take a tiny vitamin D pill every day so there’s no way he’d take calcium every day, especially since a calcium pill is the size of a small cantaloupe. Because FitFormula Classic Calcium + Vitamin D is powdered calcium and vitamin D, he can simply add it to his cereal in the morning or to a beverage. And guess what, he still doesn’t do that every day!

Just this morning, we had this “conversation” via text.


Since I’m making a FitFormula Classic Calcium + Vitamin D and muscle cramp diary for him, I thought you might like it, too. Click below to get your own calcium and muscle cramps diary.

I’ll be sure to give you an update on how my husband's doing in a month or so.