Reinvent Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

by Danielle Omar, MS, RD

Thanksgiving leftovers are the best type of leftovers to repurpose. There are few other holiday meals where you can make completely new dishes with the stuff that didn’t get eaten.

Below are some fun ideas for turning your Thanksgiving leftovers into something special, healthy, and always delicious!


This wrap recipe from //">The Minimalist Baker is not only gorgeous, but it’s perfect for just about any type of leftover. When in doubt, wrap it up!


Got Turkey? This turkey soup from Rachael at //">An Avocado A Day is like a warm hug, the perfect remedy for a chilly fall day.


Leftover green beans are perfect for this lightened up tuna casserole from //">Shaw Simple Swaps!


Roasted veggies get a whole new life when they’re tossed with apples and quinoa in this delicious dish from Jessica at //">Nutritioulicious.


Katie from //">Mom To Mom Nutrition knows how to please the kiddos with these mashed potatoes cakes!


Put that leftover pumpkin pie puree to good use with this delicious pumpkin milkshake from Katie and //">Mom’s Kitchen Handbook.


These Stuffing Waffles from //">Just a Taste are a great way to keep the Thanksgiving vibe going on Friday morning.


Cranberry sauce is the star of //">Regan’s cranberry pecan muffins––the perfect snack with a warm cup of tea!