Pack These 3 Things To Stay Fit While Traveling

by Erin Bahadur
Pack These 3 Things To Stay Fit While Traveling
The amazing thing about fitness is that it can be done anywhere. Even if you have no equipment at all, you can get in a great bodyweight workout wherever you are. Knowing what to invest in when setting up a home gym or even pieces you can take while traveling may seem daunting. The good news is that you don’t need to buy every piece of equipment on the market to get a good workout. With that said, not only are these pieces of equipment perfect to use at home, they’re also compact and light enough to take with you when you travel and will still challenge you, even in small spaces. If you’re in a profession that requires time on the road or even if you want to get some exercise in on vacation, these are great, inexpensive options to invest in. Though choosing what to pack is a matter of personal preference, here are some suggestions:

Resistance Bands

There are several types of resistance bands, but all of them use the same principle -- they force your muscles to move against added resistance. Whether you use bands with handles or smaller mini-bands, adding resistance to your workouts will cause your muscles to work harder against the added force. Here are some good examples of resistance band exercises to try at home or on the road: //">15 mini band exercises //">33 resistance band exercises you can do literally anywhere Photo:

Gliding Discs (Sliders)

These small discs are perfect for traveling or using at home. They’re light, portable, and take your regular everyday moves up to a challenging new level. Sliders are designed to be used on both hardwood and carpeted floors, so you can literally use them anywhere. If you’ve never used sliders before, check out some of these examples of how to challenge yourself: //">25 gliding disc moves (video) //">31 ways to use sliders //">8 total-body exercises

Jump Rope

A jump rope may not be a piece of equipment that readily comes to mind when you think about purchasing fitness equipment. Many people haven’t jumped rope since they were kids, but it’s an excellent cardiovascular workout that can be done in a small amount of space. Unlike when you were younger, think about using the jump rope more purposefully for your workouts. Find your rhythm and work to get in as many rotations of the rope as quickly as you can to increase your heart rate. Photo: Women's Health

A Few More Items

Don’t think that you need to stock up on a ton of equipment to get in a good workout. In addition to your bodyweight, you can still get a challenging workout with these simple items that are available in most hotel rooms, Airbnb rentals and vacation homes: Chair -- //">8 exercises you can do with a chair Towel -- if you have hardwood floors, you can use a towel in place of the sliders mentioned above

Try This Travel-Friendly Workout

Sample beginner 30 min travel workout: Circuit -- work for :45 and rest for :15, moving on to the next movement on the list. Repeat circuit 5 times
  • Jump rope (or mimic jumping rope if you don’t have one)
  • Tricep dips on chair or bench
  • Reverse lunges**
  • Jump squats
  • Push ups
  • Plank hold
** If you have a set of sliders, place one foot on the disc and slide your leg back and up instead of stepping SaveSave