Nutrition is Essential

Nutrition is Essential
Image by T.Tseng Image by T.Tseng
This was the final week taking Danielle Omar’s //" target="_blank">Nourish: 21 Days of Clean Eating program. For the last few weeks, I brought you along from prep week (and tossing tons of non-nourish foods) to going vegan for a week, to seeing big changes in my body. This week was the culmination of all my learnings, the most enriching week for me. But if you must know my overall impression of the program, here’s my one-word to review: essential.

Nutrition is Essential

When your digestive issues go away, when your energy rises, when you see yourself making good choices and forming new healthy habits, your body and spirits are also lifted. Your body needs good nutrition, so when we don’t give in, it won’t function the best it can. I got so used to “just getting by,” and dragging my body along for the ride. For the most part, my body did the best it could. But once I hit my 30s and graduated into motherhood, I noticed an almost overnight change in my body. I became lactose intolerant (I learned the hard way), and food just wasn’t digesting the same. My sleep patterns were all over the map, and I was tired––4-cups-of-coffee-tired. Although pregnancy was part of it, I think most of the changes were due to the fact that what I ate and how I took care of myself went down the drain. My personal health and well-being was literally the last thing on my list (I think a lot of moms can relate to this). This program was perfect in showing me, and finally convincing me, of the difference good nutrition makes. Everyone, even moms, need good nutrition. Need. The best part is that good nutrition is not something else to add to your to-do list. Swap your grocery list and try new recipes, and you’re more than halfway down the road to nourishing your and your family’s bodies. That, to me, is gratifying enough.

Well-Being is Essential

I can easily say I’m a wiser, healthier, and more peaceful person than I was 21 days ago. I learned so much about healthy foods, how they nourish my body, and how my environment is key to nourishing my home. I can be a better mom, wife, and employee when my mind is clearer, when my body is feeling great, and when my spirits are lifted.

My family’s well-being depends on my well-being––that's reason enough not to feel guilty or selfish when I make the effort to nourish my body with delicious and healthy foods.

Nourish is Essential

All that being said, I am a “Nourish believer.” Danielle’s program is essential for every busy woman. It’s so important to feel your best as much as you can; not only do the people around you depend on it, but it really makes life much better. So, why not make life better? The Nourish program taught me so much, and I am convinced that you––yes you!––can do it. You won’t go hungry, you won’t feel guilty, and you won’t be alone. Danielle and other Nourish participants are there to cheer you along the way. If you “fall off the bandwagon,” everyone’s there to help you back on. Danielle’s Nourish program runs seasonally, so //" target="_blank">check her website to sign up during the spring, fall, and winter! In the meantime, get a head start on nourishing yourself with recipes and tips published by Danielle on our blog!