Nourishment Takes a Lifetime, Lasts a Lifetime.

Nourishment Takes a Lifetime, Lasts a Lifetime.
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.17.43 PM Week two is done! Starting last Monday, we reintroduced animal protein and grains (each once a day) into our diet. I’ll be honest, after eating only raw foods for seven days, my palate welcomed this change. I got to try new recipes in the cookbook, which was a ton of fun. But since I’m being honest, I also have to say… I wasn’t perfect.

Perfection Isn’t the Point

On a few occasions, I didn’t follow the meal plan perfectly. My parents had been in town for a couple of weeks, and on their last day, we met up for coffee (yes, I ordered my soy mocha which I had been missing these past few weeks). And on Mother’s Day, I was taken on a surprise picnic to a vineyard. My husband so sweetly prepared one of Danielle’s grilled shrimp salads (so good), but I did have wine. A lot. After all, it was my day. In the end, though, this isn’t a mortal sin. A couple weeks ago, I freaked out because I had accidentally added edamame to a salad thinking it was a pea (yes, now I know it’s a bean), but Danielle so gently reassured me that Nourish isn’t about perfection. There’s no “falling off the wagon” to be worried about.

We just need to get back on the wagon, or “run alongside it as much as we can.”

I liked this analogy, and I think it takes the pressure off eating (and living) a clean life. That’s actually the point to clean eating and living: to be freer by being healthier.

Getting Better at Nourishing

That being said, I had a great time trying new recipes this week. There’s something about working with new and nourishing ingredients that’s so gratifying; I really enjoyed cooking this week, and I used to hate cooking. I got to make these delicious turkey tacos (ground turkey yumminess wrapped in crunchy Romaine leaves), a spicy corn chicken chili (now a family favorite), and as a treat, cocoa oat truffles (ZOMG!). I’m still making smoothies in the morning for breakfast––a routine that’ll be permanent in my household. We’re always rushing in the mornings, so as a default, my husband would skip breakfast, and I would have my first bite to eat around 11AM. The smoothies are perfect––they’re fast, easy, and filling. Neither of us go hungry in the morning anymore, and we’re keeping our body nourished. Win-win! Speaking of drinks, I am addicted to //" target="_blank">kombucha. It’s a little pricey (about $3 a bottle at Whole Foods) but the taste is great, and the carbonation makes it seem like I’m having soda. But because it’s fermented black and green tea, it’s super healthy! It’s been an interesting journey for me and my family, but what’s been particularly interesting is how my Nourish journey has seeped into other parts of my life. For one, it’s become a topic of conversation with friends and family. As I mentioned earlier, my parents came to visit for a couple of weeks, so when it came time for lunch or dinner, they’d see me preparing a salad, smoothie, rice bowl, or something “different.” Or when we visited friends’ for dinner, and I brought the truffles as a dessert. Little moments like these sparked conversations. Much of what I talked about came from Danielle’s modules, and the act of explaining my new learnings reinforced my confidence and boosted my drive to continue my nourishing habits.

Nourishing Me

One of the tasks Danielle charged us with this week was to find ways in which we’d nourish ourselves aside from clean eating. At first, I couldn’t think of what to do. It was a particularly chaotic week, so adding a pause amidst it all was a challenge––but it was worth the effort. Little things can be nourishing, like changing up my household cleaning supplies to more natural solutions, treating myself to new yarn (I love crocheting), and switching to organic women’s products. Every time I went to the grocery store with a list, I check out all the labels––something I didn’t used to do much––and see what I could get that was more nourishing to my home. These are all little things we can all do without adding to our complicated schedules, yet reap enormous benefits in nourishing our bodies. This week is our final week of the program––I’m excited to see what’s in store and share it with you all! Have you made any recent changes to nourish yourself and your family? Share them with me in the comments below!