Why You Need to Be Checking Out FitMenCook

by Shelly Kramer
Why You Need to Be Checking Out FitMenCook
Whether you're focused on building lean muscle mass or losing weight, eating right isn't always fun. But there are people you can find and tools you can use to make the process a whole lot more interesting. For a foodie like me, discovering Kevin Curry and his FitMenCook site was a very happy day. Curry, who says his philosophy is, “Our bodies are built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym.” Essentially, his point in starting FitMenCook was to show that healthy food doesn’t have to be bland and it doesn't require a culinary degree to pull off. That's why you need to be checking out FitMenCook.

Get Recipes for Delicious, Healthy Food

Despite its name, FitMenCook isn’t just for men. The recipes and videos you’ll find on FitMenCook are for anyone interested in healthy eating, whether you're a gym rat or someone looking to lose weight and be more fit. Kevin's recipes are fun, filled with great ingredients, and really easy to make—and whether you’re looking for a recipe for breakfast, dinner, or an appetizer, you’ll find it here. And as a bonus, the website is bilingual, offering access to even more people hoping to get healthier.

The Recipes Are Easy to Follow

As I mentioned, you'll immediately notice how easy the recipes are to read. Whether you’re looking for muscle building breakfast eggs or an Asian chicken salad, you’ll find that each recipe has a list of ingredients, simple steps, the amount of time it takes to prep and cook, and the nutrition facts. Plus, they all come with pictures, so you know what your meal should look like, and some recipes even have a video to accompany them.

You’ll Enjoy Kevin’s Engaging Personality

Speaking of videos, you’ll especially appreciate the videos Kevin creates—and it’s not just because they make the recipe even easier to follow. It’s because Kevin’s personality stands out as fun, engaging, and passionate about health. He typically has upbeat music playing as he explains what he’s doing while he cooks—with a few jokes thrown in to keep it light. It just makes it easier and more enjoyable to prepare healthy meals when the host of the video is likeable and makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend while you cook.

It’s Tech Friendly

Why You Need to Be Checking Out FitMenCook The FitMenCook website offers up a nice user experience. It's neatly organized, easily searchable, and filled with images and videos. But there’s also an app! When you download the FitMenCook app, you’ll have an even easier time accessing fresh, healthy recipes from any device. The app has an automated shopping list, can scale up the serving sizes, and can even integrate the recipes into the Apple HealthKit to make it easy to keep track of calories while you get into shape. It moves seamlessly between a variety of difference devices. For example, you can search the app for recipes that use the ingredient of your choice, and then add the recipe to your shopping list. If you have an Apple watch, you can use it to look at your list at the store. Then as you check off the items you buy on your Apple watch, the list will sync with your other devices, such as your smartphone and tablet. When you use the FitMenCook app, you have access to recipes anywhere you go. For this fitness-loving, healthy-eating, tech nerd, this is more than a little exciting. Not surprisingly, Kevin's no stranger to social media and does a great job connecting with his fans across a variety of channels. Find and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also subscribe to the FitMenCook blog to regularly get recipes via email. SaveSave