I've Found My Voice

by Chama Straw Straw


Welcome to my world, I am so excited to have this opportunity to share my life with you. Bear with me and my scatter-brain, I think you'll enjoy the ride.

This is my life, living with Hypoparathyroidism.

I was and still am that girl that would do anything for anyone. I did my time in school but knew once I was done with high school I was done with school. I had a dream and I wanted to do anything I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. I lived my life to the fullest and I loved with everything I had. I've traveled to more places than I could count and I've been in love so many times! I do things big.

Three years ago it was decided that I needed to have a total thyroidectomy, after battling my whole life with thyroid issues and suffering with a large goiter. I remember the surgeons words like it was yesterday "this will change your entire life." Nothing so true has ever been said to me.

My entire life changed the day of my surgery and not for the good. You see, I am the mother of two teenagers, as if that's not stressful enough add in the fact that I have a chronic illness that doesn't stop because I have to be a parent.

I am finally over the mourning stage and moving on to the part of life where I take charge of this. I was beaten down by so many people in the beginning of this journey. No more. My head is held high and I have found a voice.

There have been people who have chosen not to go on this journey with me but I have also picked up many wonderful people who stand by my side.

My day to day life is very variable - no 2 days are the same. I haven't beat this thing, but it hasn't beaten me yet either.

I will win this!

Disclosure: I do not receive remuneration from Cal-EZ for writing my blog.

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